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Monday, May 30, 2011

Gokai Silver Toys

From RangerBoard:

Damn, looks like I'll have to blow $50+ just for that DragonRanger key :(
I don't want to buy the Gashapon Version either.

New Gokaiger Movie Teamup Pics

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New Gokai Silver Pics and Info

From RangerBoard:

Search for the silver colored man!
After hearing Navi's treasure navigation, the crew heads out and meets the earthling, Gai Ikari.
Gai Ikari says that no one loves Super Sentai as much as he does.
One day, Gai saved a child from a traffic accident. Only to end up with a serious injury, on the verge of death. Gai arrives at a world that is not exactly a dream or real, there he meets DragonRanger, AbareKiller and TimeFire. They give him the GokaiCellular and the Ranger Keys along with their great power.
He wants to join the Gokaigers, but Marvelous won't acknowledge him that easily. Will the Super Sentai loving boy become a Super Sentai!?

 He loves Super Sentai and justice.
After an accident, he became GokaiSilver. But will he be able to join Marvelous' crew?
It's GokaiSilver's personal weapon. When he inserts a Ranger Key, he can execute his special move.

 When the 15 extra Ranger Keys are gathered, they merge into the miraculous Anchor Key. The Anchor Key allows Silver to enter Gold Mode.

 From the Timeranger's great powers, he received a time traveling vehicle.

 Zyuranger's great powers granted him the dinosaur form.

By the great powers of Abaranger, he's able to combine them into the GoJyuJin. The drill has two modes, Shield Mode and Trident Mode.

AbareKiller is only credited in episode 18 in Hyper Hobby.

Episode 17 is called The Amazing Silver-Colored Man.
Episode 18 is called Rampaging with the Dinosaur Robot Drill. Rampage was written in katakana as abare, just like how it was in Abaranger.

OOO Movie Pics

From RangerBoard:

Kamen Rider OOO BuraKaWani Combo.
By utilizing the cobra, turtle and crocodylia medals OOO can access this combo. (Seriously, I still don't know what animal it is. Wani is used for all crocodile looking animals, which includes alligators. All I know is "crocodylia" is the proper name for these animals)
800 years ago, these medals were created by Gara. However, they were sealed away and had never been found until now.
Its powers are related to perpetual youth and longevity, it covers the body with the enhancing substance "Soma Venom."
When the user gets injured, it instantly heals. It's not only able to take hits. It's even resistant heat, electricity, poison and such.
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Punch: 6t
Kick: 15t
Speed: 100 m in 5,8 s
Special Attack: Crocodile Glide

Cobra: Cobra's abilities grants OOO the unique Cobra Head. His eyesight is doubled, he gains infra-red perception and it can even see in absolute darkness.
Turtle: OOO's hands are equipped with two exoskeleton shields, called Goura Guardner, that looks like turtle shells.
When he puts them together, he can use the "Energy Shield"
The scales strengthens his skin.
Crocodylia: The sides of his legs can be used as saws, but much sharper. The Line Drive can stream much more energy that other medals (that thing on the legs that tends to shine every now and then, usually on the grasshopper legs)
When he holds his enemy between his legs, he'll cut through them.

Upcoming OOO Episode Summaries

From RangerBoard:

Episode 37:
Gotou is frantically trying to stop Date from fighting due to his injury.
A Yummy that eats the desire of people who wants to sleep appears.

 Episode 38:
Mezool and Gamel have now sided with Dr. Maki. Eiji is now having a hard time fighting them.
Date has now joined forces with Maki in order to fulfill his goal of 100 million.
They are all aiming after Eiji's Core Medals.

Episode 39:
One night, Ankh dreams about being absorbed by the other night.
Hina comes up with an idea to celebrate Ankh's birthday. Chiyoko and Eiji agrees and they are trying to come up with a plan for Ankh's birthday.

New Kamen Rider OOO & Gokaiger Scans

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New GoZyuJin Pics

From RangerBoard:

Go-Kai Silver will unlock 3 Powers at once:

Timeranger's power = Gozyuujin's Drill Spaceship mode
Zyuuranger's power = Gozyuujin's T-rex mode
Abaranger's power = Gozyuujin's robot mode

More OOO KoraKaWani Pics

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Gokai Silver Pics!!!!!

From RangerBoard:


His name is Gai Ikari
Gai saves a girl's life from a car accident, but was hurt. He then meets AbareKiller, DragonRanger, and TimeFire in his dream. The 3 previous 6th rangers approved his heroic action and sees Gai as a worthy candidate for the new 6th ranger, they then pass GokaiCelluar and Ranger Keys to him.