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Friday, November 30, 2012

More Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Info

From RangerBoard:

Thanks to ca3 for the info:

Writer- Shimoyama Kento
Director- Shibasaki Takayuki


Suzuki Katsuhiro as Sakurada Hiromu/RedBuster
Baba Ryouma as Iwasaki Ryuji/BlueBuster
Komiya Arisa as Usami Yoko/YellowBuster
Matsumoto Hiroya as Jin Masato/BeetBuster

Ozawa Ryouta as Captain Marvelous/GokaiRed
Yamada Yuuki as Joe Gibken/GokaiBlue
Ichimichi Mao as Luka Millfy/GokaiYellow
Shimizu Kazuki as Don Dogoier/GokaiGreen
Koike Yui as Aihm de Famille/GokaiPink
Ikeda Junya as Ikari Gai/GokaiSilver

Fujiwara Keiji as Chida Nick (Voice)
Genda Tesshou as Gorisaki Banana (Voice)
Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Usada Lettuce (Voice)
Nakamura Yuuchi as Beet J. Stag/StagBuster (Voice) and Waredonaiyer (Voice)
Tamura Yukari as Navi (Voice)

Natsui Runa as Shiba Kaoru
Takahiro Sakurai as Jerashitto (Voice)

Jinnai Shou as Enter
Misaki Ayame as Escape

Hashi Takaya as Bacchus Gil (voice)

Nishihira Fuuka as Nakamura Miho
Takahashi Naoto as Morishita Toru
Sakaki Hideo as Kuroki Takeshi


The nephew of Wals Gil, who declared himself the New Commander of Zangyack. Like his namesake, he is a heavy drinker and has a lively personality. Cooperating with the Vagrass, he hopes to use the Phantom Ranger Keys to revive the Zangyack Empire.

An Action Commander who is a remnant of Zangyack. There is a striking resemblance between him and Deretsueiger who the Gokaiger had already defeated (both in appearance and voice.) It seems they are related by blood.

A former Action Commander who once fought the Gokaiger, but was reformed and decided to live peacefully on Earth. Why is he in the Edo Period?

The 18th-and-former head of the Shiba Clan, and also the true ShinkenRed. She appears before the TokumeiBu and presents them with a scroll and its' writings. What is on this scroll?!

A former enemy whom Marvelous most certainly defeated. It seems he has been brought back somehow by the power of Enter...

Like Basco, another Gokaiger villain (the strongest of Zangyack's warriors in fact) who has been revived.

A personal Megazord for Enter that is the "best-of-the best." It's fighting power far surpasses any Megazord that has come before.


The remnants of Zangyack and Enter set their aims on the "Gen no Ranger Keys (Phantom Ranger Keys.) When all 5 are gathered, they grant the mightiest power in the universe. The Final Key rests on Earth.

Zangyack, Enter, and the Gokaiger, who are for some reason acting alongside Zangyack, discover the Key near an Enetron Tank. However, the Go-Busters are called into action to protect the Enetron there, and a fight ensues. Then, the resonating of the 5 keys and the Enetron causes an explosion!

The Phantom Ranger Keys run wild and distort space and time! Yoko, Gorisaki, J, Joe, Luka, Hakase, Aihm and Gai are pulled into the time-space distortion!

Yoko, J, and Gai are dropped in 1772, Edo Period, Japan. J and Gai have an idea to return to the present. Gorisaki seems to have been flown to the Cretaceous Period (hmmm...interesting no?), and somehow, Jerashitto ends up joing our heroes in the Edo period!

Hakase and Aihm are dropped in France, circa 1600. They adapt the guise of Nobleman and Princess (guess that ain't exactly a guise for Aihm though) and come face to face with a Phantom Thief! The Thief seems to be none other than Jin Masato....

Joe, Luka and Ryuji are dropped in the Mediterranean, circa 1400, otherwise known as the Age of Exploration.

The Phantom Keys are also deposited throughout time alongside our heroes, and battles ensue between them and the Zangyack over the keys!

In the present, the people left out of the time-jumping use the time-travelling GozyuDrill's program to upgrade the BusterMachines via the Buddyroids' Vaccine Programs. This gives the Buster Machines the ability to time travel and rescue the friends who have been deposited throughout time! As their friends and allies are saved, the true reason behind the Gokaiger's alliance with Zangyack is revealed!

However, for this Rescue Plan to work, a big sacrifice is required of the Go-Busters. The Go-Busters give into grief, as the Gokaiger look on...

Meanwhile, Zangyack and Enter aren't just waiting around to attack the Earth. The greatest battle these two Sentai teams have ever faced begins now!

Also, what power does holding all 5 Phantom Keys grant to their user?!

NOTES- While it doesn't say it clearly, I have to assume that Gorisaki's appearence in the Cretaceous period is no random accident. More than likely, that's when the Kyoryuuger will show themselves, helping Gorisaki grab the Phantom Key from that time period.

Super Hero War Z Coming Soon!

From Henshin Justice:

A reliable source within the fandom has confirmed that a successor to Kamen Rider x Super Sentai – Superhero Taisen will be coming next year, titled “Superhero Taisen Z”. That’s not the only surprise, the movie will feature a number of previous Ishimori created heroes.

Movie War Ultimatum Review! *SPOILERS*

Follow this link if you would like to read about the movie:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Go-Busters Episode Summaries

From RangerBoard:

Mission 41:
Title- Kaitou PinkBuster! (Phantom Thief PinkBuster!)
Airs- 12/2/12

A mystery woman in a combat suit and sunglasses appears before the Go-Busters, and calls herself PinkBuster! She steals the MessiahCard, and fights off both the Go-Busters and the Vagrass. The Go-Getter Thief's true identity is that of Saionji Reika (played by Shinkawa Yua.)

Somehow, she seems to be pleased with Hiromu....

-LoupeRoid and LoupeZord (Loupe is a hand lens/tube shaped magnifying glass) are the monsters of the week.

Mission 42:
Title- Totsugeki! Megazord no Naka he (Attack! To the Inside of the Megazord)
Airs- 12/9/12

Megazord Zeta, (the new female type with a red skull for a torso), a Megazord only for Escape, appears. Also appearing in the episode are TrainRoid 2 and TrainZord 2.

Mission 43:
Title- Ketsui no Christmas! (Christmas of Determination!)
Airs- 12/16/12

The Messiah Cards, the seeds of Messiah's rebirth, have been gathering data-
Excellent Youthful Intelligence, Body Composition, Strength, Love, Aggresive Instinct, and Go-Buster Ace's own data.

Messiah, who had been collecting this data, accomplishes growth at last!

Meanwhile, the day of fate has come. It was 13 years ago to the day that Messiah appeared. Starting those 13 years ago, Kuroki and Ryuuji have been throwing a Christmas Party for orphans. Taking place in the juvenile center, it is the Go-Busters' current mission to go help with the party, helping out the teachers there, including one named Kawai Namie.

However, Vagrass also begin to move ahead with their plans on Christmas! For her Papa, Messiah, what is Escape planning to do...?!

The Day of Fate has come, and as Messiah stands, could the final battle be at hand?

-The monsters of the week this time will be KentateRoid, KenZord, TateZord and once again, Megazord Zeta. (Kentate can be translated to Sword and Shield).

Mission 44:
Title- Seiya - Shimei Hatasu Toki (Christmas Eve - The Time to Accomplish our Mission)
Airs- 12/23/12

Megazord Zeta appears once again, as does Messiah's new form, Messiah Reboot. (We know from magazine articles that Reboot is formed from 4 Megazords, including Zeta, an Enetron Tank, and Messiah's essence.)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce: "Gokai-Silver" Casting in Process

Casting for the Silver Ranger, Zador has begun

Here is the Casting Side that we have seen before:

Evan Crooks and Peter Adrian are two known candidates for the role.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some More Kyoryuger Rumors

From Toku Insider:

-Rangers are to be colored as follows:

Red (Tyrannosaurus)- Male

Blue (Triceratops)- Male

Green (Stegosaurus)- Male

Yellow (Dino Unknown)- Female

White (Dino Uknown)- Female

It is assumed that one of the girls will have a Pteranodon, as to not step on tradition. Also, the girls will have skirts on their outfits.

-Red's mask looks similar to TyrannoRanger's. No surprise here, as AbaRed's mask followed the same basic pattern as well

-The rangers were pictured holding a Battery-like item in one hand, with a remote like device in the other. The Remote is thought to be the henshin device, whereas the Batteries will be the collectible item of this show

-The rangers were also holding various other items/weapons, but the poster only got a good look at red

-The robot will be composed of dinos with a train motif. It is said to resemble Travelion.

Please take all of this with a BIG GRAIN OF SALT.

More as it comes out.

New Go-Busters Pics

From Toku Insider:

Messiah's back with a new form. Combining Megazord Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Zeta (a newbie) with an Enetron Tank and Messiah's essence, the Vagrass unleash Messiah Reboot on our heroes!!

An All-Robot Sortie!

Pink Buster, is the transformed identity of the mysterious Phantom-Thief, Reika! Nikku joins Hiromu in the cockpit of Go-BusterRaiOh, as it and BusterBeet team up against Messiah Reboot.

Some comparisons between Go-Busters' techniques and past Senshi, utilizing Speed, Strength, and Leg power

More comparisons, this time with Robos.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Pics

From Jefusion:

Seen in the image above are the "rumored" Phantom Ranger Keys (幻のレンジャーキー), which looks like clear versions of a typical Ranger Key. Are these the Legendary Keys the Gokaiger sought after to acquire the "Greatest Power in Space"?

Up next is the image that features the movie's villains. Shown in the magazine is Vagrass teaming up with the Zangyank Empire. This features two new villains, Bacchus Gil (バッカスギル) and Uredonaia (ウレドナイャー), and the return of past villains, Basco and Damaras.

After almost one year, the pirates return to Earth after their expedition to destroy Zangyack's home planet. The Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters realize they have to fight the evil Zangyack and the Gokaiger crew.

Kamen Rider Beast Pics Revealed!

From Jefusion:

By using the Beast Driver (ビーストドライバー) and the Beast Color (ビーストカラー), the user transforms to Kamen Rider Beast. His main weapon is the Dice Saber (ダイスサーベル).

Furthermore, it has been confirmed via the upcoming release of Wizard Action Please! (WAP) Kamen Rider Beast figure, that he will also have a partner "beast" in a form of a Beast Chimaera, composed of Falcon (orange), Chameleon (green), Dolphin (blue) and Buffalo (red). These can also affect his styles, represented by the color and beast on its cape, contradictory to Wizard's color and elemental changes.

Based on the “Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War ULTIMATUM” spoilers, catchphrase seems to be “Now, it's feeding time...(さぁ、食事の時間だ - Saa, shokuji no jikan da). He then scans a ring on the right side of his waist, and makes a "Fafafa Falco" sound when a cape appears. Actor is yet to be officially announced.

Kamen Rider Wizard Water Dragon Style and Wiseman Revealed!

From Jefusion:

The above image shows the battle between Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Dragon and the Phantom, Medusa. This was seen in next week's episode preview. Furthermore, the man the call "Wiseman" finally makes his appearance. What's his real identity and motive?

Also featured in the image is the Poitrine donuts, the Cerberus PlaMonster, and the "Merry Christmas" Wizard Ring.

Kamen Rider Wizard Water Dragon can be utilized by the "Water Dragon" Ring (of course). He also acquires a new ring called "Blizzard Ring", which can freeze water.

And similar to Flame and Hurricane Dragon, who both have a "Special Ring" summoning the head and wings of WizarDragon respectively, Wizard Water Dragon also have its own. This time, he's able to summon the WizarDragon's tail, which could split the water in half!

New Movie War Ultimatum Pics

From Jefusion:

Here's another look at the eight Kamen Riders lining up to defeat the Great Monster Army.

Monster Alliance member Jiro Kazeda, is Sannagiman. By shouting "Summon Ultimate Power", he is able to transform into Inazuman. In the image above, he is seen fighting against the Hercules Zodiart, using his fishing blow, the “ Psychokinetic Chop”!

By using the OOO, W, Accel, and Birth Wizard Rings, Kamen Rider Wizard was able to summon the previous Kamen Riders to aid him in battle. Also seen in the image is a shot of Paltrine, who's real identity is Yu Uemura. She uses a pendant to transform by shouting, “Cosmo Magic Metamorphose!” 
Appearing during this year's Kamen Rider team-up film, “Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie Wars ULTIMATUM” is a new Fourze states, called Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States. It's currently the candidate for the Kamen Rider that have a longest name!

Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States can be utilized with the "Nadeshiko (N) Switch" and the "Meteor Fusion Switch". It is equipped with double silver rocket modules and the Hovering Lifter, gliders similar to the ones used in skiing. In this state, he have the powers of both Meteor and Nadeshiko, and can also shoot missiles from his arms.

Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger: Rumored Phantom Ranger Keys?!

Could this be it?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Summary Revealed

From Henshin Justice:

There’s an old legend about 5 mysterious keys. Once these five keys are gathered, one can find the Greatest Power in space.
The Gokaigers, who left Earth to destroy Zangyack, are now back on Earth with a black Gokai Galleon, the sail even has a Zangyack emblem. The original red Gokai Galleon was destroyed in Zangyack’s homeplanet. . The Gokaigers are now working with Zangyack. The Go-Busters realize they have to fight the evil Zangyack and the Gokaiger crew. As they fight, the Gokaigers Gokai Change in both Goggle V and Timeranger.
The Go-Busters manages to capture Navi, and they find out that the Vaglass are also working with Zangyack. They are also told that they have to travel back in time. Thus Yoko and J head back to the Edo-era. There they meet Rat Boy (Nezumi Kozo) a Japanese thief and folk hero. Turns out that Rat Boy is actually Gai! Gai informs them that he’s there to help them, and since they are the 36th Super Sentai they have to show Gai some more respect.
Go-Busters VS Gokaiger will be released in Japanese theaters January 19, 2013.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Kyoryuger Rumor

From Toku Insider:

-Poster on 2ch claims the following comes from a quick glance at a flier/postcard referencing Kyoryuuger. As such, the descriptions may be slightly innacurate, but I always like to give the benefit of the doubt, and of course TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT

-The poster only saw the suits and logo

-The logo is normal, but the text is hard to describe. There is no shadowed text (no kanji under the title, like Zyuranger or Goseiger.)

-The suits have returned to pre-Gokaiger style

-Helmet and Visor are similar to Go-Busters i.e. Visors/Goggles are colored. However, a part of the visor is bi-sected with a lighting bolt-type symbol, giving the visors an assymetrical quality; there is no visible mouthpiece

-The chest portion of the suit is emblazend in gold, with black diamond shapes. The chest designs form different "fossils", as follows:

Red- Tyrannosaurus
Yellow- Sanyouchuu (Trilobite)
Green- Ammonite
Blue- A kind of fish (possibly a Coelacanth)
Pink- A bird (probably Shisochuu/Archaeopteryx)

Monday, November 19, 2012

More Kyoryuger Rumors

From Toku Insider:

-The Kyoryuuger henshin with the KyoryuuPhone (A Smart Phone type device)

Rangers are as follows, transforming via the phone:

Red- T-Rex (Spelled in English letters)
Blue- Triceratops
Green- Brachio
Yellow- Ptera
Pink- Unkown

Please take the above with a grain of salt.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Rumors

-The Blue villan (and or villainess) seen in Marvelous' redecorated chair is likely to be called "Karasu Gils". Karasu can mean Crow, but it can also mean to dry up, exhaust, or kill (vegitation/crops.)

-The red villain seems to be called Dairanbo. (Possibly related to Dairando, though he looks like a remold of Deretsueiga.)

-Basco will return in the movie as had been reported, but with a new "Blue Form."

-Both the Blue Basco and the Dark Gokaiger may be copies generated by Enter

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Pics

Evil Gokaiger

Busters are down!

Go-Buster Ace is down!

The new Zangyack Leaders?!

Ninja Gai?!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Movie War Ultimatum Poster

New Kyoryuger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

-Our hero is Kiryu Daito (likely the Red Ranger of the group.)

-He and 2 others, are 3 heroes that are collectively known as "DinoGuardians". The DinoGuardians traverse time to protect dinosaurs of all time periods

-The Dino Guardians' enemy are the "JikuuMitsuryou Guild Juugaraku" (Space-Time Poaching Guild Juugaraku) Juugaraku appears in different time periods, kidnapping dinos, and forces them onto the higest bidders (Universal Millionaires.)

The premise sounds pretty interesting if it ends up being true.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels Released!

From Riders, Rangers, and Rambles:

These were found on eBay. It's only a matter of time till they hit stores.

The next 3 cars will be in Wave 2.

New Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Apparently, the following Sentai actors were seen by Toei Studios:

Tani Hayato- Commander Sugata in Maskman

Fujimaki Jun- Chief Ibuki Yui in Changeman

Okamoto Fujita- Doctor Dazai in Turboranger

Nishida Ken- Hinata Mugensai in Hurricanger

New Kyoryuger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Rumor has it Kyoryuuger will involve two sets of kyodai (sibling) pairings.

The core team of 3 will all be siblings, 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Their will be a second set of siblings, with an older sister, and a younger brother.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Gashapon Ranger Key Sets

Click to view larger size. The Gashapon Sets will be complete, but what about the Deluxe Sets??

Evil Gokaiger

A picture of the cast after the recording was finished.