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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Kamen Rider Beast Hyper Pics

New Kyoryuger Pics Featuring Kyoryu Cyan!

From Toku Insider:

 The ZyuDen Arms unite into the KentroSpiker!

The Deino Chasers appear! Red using Allomeras, Green using Toperanda.

 The Kyouryuger utilizing their ZyuDen arms in "Armed On" mode.

KentroSpiker, and the various ZyuDen Arms.

 Ramirez, aka KyouryuCyan. He was chosen by Ankydon 500 years ago to be the "Brave of Steel." He appears in the present to grant the current Kyouryuger Ankydon's power. Ankydon then can combine with Kyouryujin to form Kyouryujin Macho.

 KentroSpiker explanation.

 Another shot of KyouryuCyan/Ramirez.

Some new battery powers! KentroSpiker can be utilized by the Gaburivolver to perform the "KentroSpikerBeam."

Stymero seems to emit a sort of smoke (possibly one to make the enemies fall in love with the user; meromero meaning to fall in love.)

Allomeras emits a fire blast attack. (Meramera meaning to "Burst into flames".)

Green will be able to utilize Parasagun's power in his sword, for a cool looking combo attack.

Toperanda can give fluency (perapera) to the user itself (note Pink's stretchy legs) or the user's weapon (giving Green a bendy sword.)

Iguranadon's battery emits a "tickling attack" (Kusuguri Kougeki)

 Green on DeinoChaser.

  Kyouryujin VS Baddies.

  Various Kyouryujin Combinations (Western, Macho and Stegotchi Zactor)

  More DeinoChaser fun.

  KyouryuGold teaser pic.

New Super Hero War Z Pic Featuring Metal Heroes!

From RangerBoard:

What a nice surprise!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Better Wizard Infinity and Beast Hyper Form Pics

Power Rangers Megaforce Airdates

From TV Rage:

03. Going Viral (Airs 2/16/13)
Noah has trouble with a heavy weapon, and must learn the power of self-belief in order to accomplish his goals.

04. Stranger Ranger (Airs 2/23/13)
The Rangers learn of the vital gifts of concentration, whilst a hapless civilian begins claiming he is one of them.

05. United We Stand (Airs 3/2/13)
The Rangers combat the malevolent Beezara, whose powers convert the males into worker drones, and causes Gia and Emma to turn on one another.

06. Harmony And Discord (Airs 3/9/13)
The Rangers must come up with a means of countering a Warstar underling who's soul-crushing song can cause physical pain. Their solution is to come up with a song of their own.

07. Who's Crying Now (Airs 3/16/13)
Troy must learn to overcome a group of salty bullies at school.

08. Robo Knight (Airs 3/23/13)
As a group of highly toxic creatures hatch their schemes of conquest, a new ally steps forward to aid the Power Rangers.

09. Prince Takes Knight (Airs 3/30/13)
Robo Knight is targeted by Prince Vrak, who intends to reprogram the Rangers new ally and turn him against them.

10. Man And Machine (Airs 4/6/13)
Robo Knight must learn the value of teamwork if he is to help the Rangers defeat a monster who can steal shadows.

11. Ultra Power (Airs 4/13/13)
The Rangers and Vrak clash for control of a powerful weapon known as the Wild Sword.

12. Last Laugh (Airs 4/20/13)
Noah and Robo Knight must put their no-nonsense characteristics to the test when they attempt to rescue the remaining Rangers from a monster that feeds on laughter.

13. Dream Snatcher (Airs 4/27/13)
Emma is targeted by a monster that can enter people's dreams and crush their spirits. Can the Rangers overcome the threat before Emma loses her sense of ambition?


14. Gosei Ultimate (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The power of the Aurora box makes the Rangers enemies even more of a threat, forcing the team to summon up all their cunning and resources to defeat their foes.

15. The Human Factor (Airdate TBD: 2013)
A group of robots attempt to convince Robo Knight that humans are the real danger to the Earth.

16. Rico The Robot (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The Rangers befriend a malfunctioning enemy robot and attempt to teach it the values of friendship.

17. Staying On Track (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The Rangers robotic adversaries plot to derail a passenger train and throw the city into chaos. Meanwhile Robo Knight befriends a small boy.

18. The Human Condition (Airdate TBD: 2013)
An old enemy returns, eager to exact his revenge on the Rangers.

19. The Messenger (Airdate TBD: 2013)
With the Warstar defeated, the Rangers attempt to finally relax, only to find Vrak has survived, and with the aid of the malicious machines, has been granted a new and far more powerful form.

20. End Game (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The Rangers make a gallant final stand against Vrak and his allies.

Seems we have a very early hiatus this year.