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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Go-Buster Scans

From RangerBoard:

Kamen Rider Wizard Press Conference

From Rising Sun Tokusatsu:

Red- Flame Style
Blue- Water Style
Green- Hurricane Style
Yellow- Land Style

 Premieres Sunday September 2 at 8:00 a.m.
 Shunya Shiraishi, the new leader actor, plays Souma Haruto aka Kamen Rider Wizard.
 Okunaka Makoto, member of the idol band PASSPO, is the heroine of the series.
 Junki Tozuka plays a character he hopes will show candid emotions on screen.
 Yuko Takayama plays a newbie detective by the name of Daimon Riko.
 The hangout for the series is an antique shop which is run by Shigeru Kajima, played by Hisahiro Ogura.
The Director is Shojiro Nakazawa, head director for Mahou Sentai Magiranger, Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger along with working on a few episodes of Tokumei Sentai Gobusters. The writer is Kida Tsuyoshi, head writer for the first half of Kamen Rider Hibiki. The producer is Taakaki Utsunomiya, he produced Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  The vocalist for Golden Bomber, Kiriyuin Shou is doing the opening.

In 2011, Kamen Rider Fourze celebrated the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider as a franchise. He went into space and appealed to young viewers with the power of friendship. The show incorporating new ideas and topics, even using a school as the setting for the very first time. This time around, the Rider for 2012 is a magician who transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard with the power of his rings to fight the evil “Apparations”. The design takes various concepts into mind such as the face of a ring as well as general mystic themes.
Souma Haruto/Kamen Rider Wizard played by Shunya Shiraishi
Souma Haruto hides his true self under a lighter, easily-amused persona. His favorite food is donuts.
Koyomi played by Okunaka Makoto
Koyomi is a strange but fragile girl with a mysterious past, but is she a human or something else? She’s at the center of the mystery revolving around this series. She also tends to the act as support for the others through her ability to tell the future. Due to her low blood pressure, she seems to always be low on tension.
Shunpei Nara played by Junki Tozuka
A young man who aspires to become a magician and find a great master. Although he wants to be able to help people, he’s usually not able to. Though he can be a bit of a trouble maker at times, he has a cheerful personality.
Daimon Riko played by Yuko Takayama
A rookie detective from the Metropolitan Police Department who becomes associated with those involved in demonic activities.  She finds it suspicious that the police are not actively working against the demons and tries to help the others from the inside.
Shigeru Wajima played by Hisahiro Ogura
He is the creator of the magic rings Haruto uses to become Wizard. Wajima becomes the caretaker for Haruto and Koyomi who have been living together. Haruto helps him by testing out the different rings.

Kamen Rider Wizard fights enemies that are born on the day of a solar eclipse during an ancient ceremony. Haruto and Koyomi survive the solar eclipse, Haruto disguises himself as Kamen Rider Wizard with the transformation tools given to him by a mysterious white magician. Now, embuded with this strange power, it becomes his fate to fight demons.
Beyond the creation of the evil demons, what was the purpose of the ceremony on the day of the solar eclipse? And what does the hero’s future hold now that he has been fated to fight as Wizard?
The story filled with mystery, excitement and interesting characters will unfold in the autumn of 2012 as Kamen Rider Wizard begins.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Go-Busters Pics

From RangerBoard:

Great Go-Buster, Go-Buster Kero-Oh, and a new, sexy Vaglass agent named Escape!

Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Fusion States

From Henshin Justice:

Final Horoscopes Revealed + Yuki's Family

From Henshin Justice:

New Kamen Rider Wizard Pics

From Jefusion:

The show's theme will be magic and starts airing on September 2nd. He can transform via the WizarDriver, by wearing the Wizard Ring, and placing his hand in front of the belt buckle. Wizard Rings provide Wizard various magics and powers. Different rings provide different magic for Kamen Rider Wizard. Big Ring will allow Wizard to make a specific body part bigger. When Wizard uses the Copy Ring, he’s able to create copies of himself. Kamen Rider Wizard's side weapon is called WizarSwordGun. It can transform to both Sword and Gun form.

He will also appear in Fourze's Summer Movie.

Kamen Rider Wizard Pic Revealed!!

From RangerBoard:

Looks interesting. He's got the rings and his belt looks like a palm scanner of some sorts?

Kamen Rider Wizard Filming Pics!!!

From Orends Range:

The first picture shows the monster of the season. The second shows a supporting character?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Power Rangers Kicks Off 20th Anniversary

Here's a brief article from LicenseMag:

Saban Brands and Shout Factory will officially kick off the 20th anniversary celebration of Power Rangers with a panel discussion at Comic-Con.
The event, called “Power Rangers: 20 Years and Beyond,” will take place July 12 and will feature members of the creative team, on-screen talent and other notables from the two-decade history of the series.
The panel will discuss the evolution of the Power Rangers franchise over the years, including the debut of the series on DVD and the show’s resurgence on Nickelodeon with “Power Rangers Super Samurai.”
Moderated by Shout Factory DVD producer Brian Ward, panelists will include Elie Dekel, president, Saban Brands; actor Paul Schrier, who played Bulk in the original series and in the current production; and “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” writer and supervising producer Tony Oliver.
In conjunction with the panel Shout will offer an exclusive Comic-Con version of the new Powers Rangers box set.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard: Name Confirmed Plus Rumors!!!

From Toku Insider:

Our next Kamen Rider Series will be called Kamen Rider Wizard.

Here's some rumors on the toyline, which includes rumors for the second Rider.

Name- Kamen Rider Wizard (notated WiZardO)

Personal Belt- Wizard Driver

Personal Collectible- Wiseman Rings

Personal Weapon- Senyou Shakkujou WizdoRod (Personal Bishop Staff WizdoRod)

Personal Bike- Machine Wizardry

-The Wiseman Rings are set into the WizardDriver in the form of a crown. There are IC Chips built into the rings, and they are notated with the first letter of the attribute they represent. (The Fire Ring has an F, the Water Ring has a W, etc...) The WizdoRod can also have Rings set into it.

-Name of enemy is "Phantom"

-Similar to the Imajin of Den-O, Wizard will have Subcharacter contract monsters named "Homunculus". When Wizard form changes, he sets certain rings in the WizdoRod to change. However, if he holds up an WisemanRing to one of his Homunculus, they too can undergo a form change, taking on the property of that attribute.

-2nd Rider will be called "Kamen Rider Dice"

-Personal Belt- DiceDriver

-Personal Bike- Machine RollingStone

-Personal Collectible- Wiseman Dice (A 6 faced die, with a built in IC Chip. Each face holds a different attribute, like Wizard's Wiseman Rings.)

-A "Wiseman Ring Dictionary" will be released to store the Wiseman Rings in. The Dictionary has spaces for 25 rings.

-The name of Wizard's Homunculus Partner is Edgar. The name of Dice's Homunculus Partner is Alfred. Wizard uses his rings to transforms the Homunculus; Dice uses his Die. (If this is true, it's obvious what anime this Rider series is paying tribute to.)

-Kamen Rider Dice is spelled "Kamen Rider dICe" in reference to the IC system this year entails

-Dice's personal weapon is the "DiceGod", a brass knuckle type weapon, contains 4 IC sensors in the fingers. When you "roll the die" you active a finishing move.

-Wizard's world is linked with OOO's world. 800 years ago marked the creation of the Greeds and OOO. Likewise, the Homunculus and  Wizard were created 800 years ago. World view of the show is like Kiva, but there will be no time shifts/different eras.

-One of Wizard's Wiseman Rings is the "Bloom Ring". If Machine Wizardry is touched with the Bloom Ring, it assumes a Flight Mode.

Go-Busters Episodes 19-21 Titles

From RangerBoard:

Mission 19:
Title- Ore no Gattai! BusterHercules (My Gattai! BusterHercules)
Airs- 7/1/12

Mission 20:
Title- Gotai Shuuketsu! GreatGo-Buster (5 bodies assemble! GreatGo-Buster)
Airs- 7/8/12

Mission 21:
Title- Saraba BlueBuster (Farewell BlueBuster)
Airs- 7/15

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plans for Next Year

Fury Diamond of RangerCrew has a well detailed article about Saban's Plans for next year's series as well as the 20th Anniversary.

You can read it here:

Here's just an overview of what was talked about:

-Saban plans on having a campaign for the "Super Fans" (older fans). It will involve a re-doing of Power and make it more interactive.

-Saban Brands has also acquired the Saturday morning 4Kids block and plans to air 1-2 episodes of Power Rangers starting this fall! It will most likely and definitely be from MMPR-RPM and possibly Samurai/Super Samurai. This could also be the future home of Power Rangers in 2015 once the 2014 contract with Nick is up. And thank God, because airing only 20 episodes a year is just too cruel and would put us years behind of the Sentai if continued.

-Saban Brands and the Cast of Power Rangers Samurai will be at Comic-Con once again this year. They will also be promoting the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary, which will also include the first teaser for next year's Power Rangers Megaforce!

-Both Saban and the Samurai Cast will be at Power Morphicon this year! This is exciting news once again. The Megaforce teaser will also be shown there too.

-As mentioned before, Saban Brands plans on creating a website exclusively for the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary. It has been stated that the Anniversary will start as early as January 2013. It will include some surprises and giveaways.

-The Megaforce Rangers will appear in this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade, much like the Samurai Rangers did back in 2010, to promote the premiere.

-Power Rangers Megaforce will air in 2013 and 2014, consisting of 20 episodes with 2 specials each year.

- Lionsgate plans on releasing Samurai boxed sets later down the line. So that's good news!

-Gokaiger was not chosen because they simply cannot skip a Sentai series, just as some expected. We may see the Gokaigers in 2014 possibly or something that has to do with them.

Please read the full article for more details as to what will be happening over the next year:

Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Bloks Revealed

From RangerCrew:

They look amazing!! While I'm still pissed that Goseiger will be adapted, I'm starting to slowly get over it more. I also found out the reason why Gokaiger was not chosen for next year. I will reveal more in another post. Also click on the link I posted above to view more awesome Power Rangers Apparel due to be released and more!