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Friday, April 25, 2014

New Kamen Rider Gaim + Movie Scans!

From Alpha Heroshock:

Because of his alliance with Kota, Sid and Mitch will plot against Takatora and try to kill him. Mitch will get his Genesis Driver and his Melon Energy Lock Seed to become the new Zangetsu-Shin

After his defeat, Takatora will be found by Roshuo, the white Overlord and master of the other two.
On this last scan, we see the silhouette of a young woman giving a fruit that looks like an apple to another silhouette that might be Roshuo (to be confirmed). We will also discover more about Sagara.

Fruits Basket ! Kiwami Arms : Dai Dai Dai Dai Shogun !
Two new Rider for the movie as well as maybe Jinba Melon for Gaim (to be confirmed).

After Go-Busters VS Gavan, this year it’s the turn of the Kamen Rider to promote the new Metal Hero movie: Kamen Rider Gaim vs. Kikaider!!

The events of the movie will take place in an alternate universe. Yuya and Hase will be back in the movie, as well as a mysterious young man called Lapis

Peco, Team Baron’s buffoon, is the leader of the Kurokage Troopers and will transform with a Genesis Driver and the Matsubokkuri Energy Lock Seed (E.L.S. 05) to transform into Armored Rider Kurokage-Shin.

New Tokkyuger Scan!

From Alpha Heroshock:

Kengo Ohkuchi will play Zett, the Emperor of Darkness

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Tokkyuger Toy Scans

From Alpha Heroshock:

The Build Resshas are Toq 6gou’s personal trains. They can combine into BuildDaioh

New weapon of the Toqgers, the Dai Kaiten Cannon (the Big Rotative Cannon) is, as the name says, a cannon capable of shooting several Resshas one after the other by rotating them. The toy seems to be sold with a golden Red Ressha.

Gokaiger Ressha

Go-Onger Ressha

Goseiger Ressha

SafariGaoh will be the movie exclusive robot.
In body, it looks like Toq-Oh but white and with claws.

Shinkenger Ressha

New Tokkyuger Pics Feat. Diesel-Oh!

From Alpha Heroshock:

Power Rangers Dino Charge to Begin Casting Auditions!

Here is a pic of the character descriptions found by Morphin K on Twitter: