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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ranger Key Series Control Pic

Ranger Key Series: Ranger Key de Ayatsure! Super Sentai Robo - Includes Metallic Aka Ranger Key

Looks pretty cool

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New S.H. Figuarts!!!!

As seen at NYCC, Tamashii Nations revealed the MMPR Red Ranger/Tyranno Ranger. Now they have revealed the S.H. Figuarts MMPR Green Ranger/Dragon Ranger! This is so exciting! No word on if it will be Web Exclusive. I sure hope not!

And what's this?

A S.H. Figuarts Capsule Machine?! Looks pretty sweet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce Teaser 2 Released

From RangerCrew

Mostly the same as the first promo from Power Morphicon, but a little different. Please check it out on SamuraiCast.

Power Rangers Dubstep Remix Releasd

The Dubstep Remix of Power Rangers Samurai has been released on iTunes. Check out the video:

More Movie War Ultimatum News

From Henshin Justice:

The members of Kamen Rider Club are now doing their own things, Gentaro stayed at Amanogawa and became a teacher. Kengo went on to Kyoto University and is now researching cosmic energy as a graduate student. Yuki finally became an astronaut like she always dreamed of, and Miu has become a model. Shun is now a professional American Football player, Tomoko published several novels as a novelist and JK is working as a journalist.
When the movie starts, Ryusei is working as an Interpol agent together with Inga Blink in South America.

Miyoko is the only member of the Space Kamen Rider Club. The current club adviser is Gentaro. The two of them are close and have nicknames for each other, Gentaro calls her Miyoppe while Gentaro is called Gen-chan. As the only member, she carries around the club mascot, Hayabusa.

The Monster Alliance, Daita Kondo, Jiro Kazeda, Rumi Komaki and Chikao Nezu, they wish to create a new Earth with a new superior breed of humans. Jiro is able to transform into Sannagiman by saying “Summon Might Power (Goriki Shorai)”

Kagehito Banba, he supports the Monster Alliance and created a device, Zebar, to enhance ESP powers. In the original Inazuman, Inazuman fought against Emperor Banba, which the name Kagehito Banba is from. In the sequel, Inazuman Flash, Inazuman uses a device called Zebar to generate electricity for his various attacks. Sannagiman is holding a renewed Zebar in the picture above.

The Hercules Zodiarts relies on strength and uses a club as a weapon. It has the powers of the Twelve Apostles and is capable of summoning Dustards.

Someone has created a device that is able to create an endless amount of monsters. In order to stop this, Haruto heads over to the Underworld. But finds himself in a weird space where people are celebrating Patrine’s birthday. All of a sudden, Ghouls start appearing and attacks the people around. As Haruto is about to transform, Patrine arrives and defeats the Ghouls. Patrine’s real identity is Yu Uemura (上村優), she uses a pendant and says “Cosmo Magic Metamorphose” to transform, just like the original Patrine. The orignal Patrine’s identity was called Yuko Murakami (村上ユウコ), Murakami and Uemura use the same kanji characters, but reversed.

In the movie, Wizard along with Rinko and Shunpei investigate the secrets in the Underworld.

Power Rangers Mock-Up Packaging

This Link shows the Megaforce Rangers in a mock-up packaging. They look nice.

Ron Wasserman's Power Rangers Redux!!

Back in August, musician Ron Wasserman began re-recording select songs that he did for Power Rangers. Now they are finally released. Take a listen and download here:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kyoryuger Rumored Cast

Nothing has been confirmed, so they are all subject to change.

KyoryuRed : Naoto Ito
KyoryuYellow : Ryosuke Yamamoto
KyoryuBlue : Erika Yazawa

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Kamen Rider Wizard Episode Summaries

From Jefusion:

Episode 8: N/A - 10/21
Script: Junko Kamura / Director: Shojiro Nakazawa

Shunpei looks at Haruto's rings and notices there's one ring that he doesn't recognize. Haruto explains that the ring doesn't react with the belt for some reason, and he doesn't even know what the ring can be used for.

Haruto saves Hiroki, a child Gate, from the ghouls. Without warning, a white Garuda appeared, and Haruto chases after it. Haruto loses sight of it when it left a small box behind. Haruto finds a red magic stone inside and the unknown ring starts reacting to the stone.

Episode 9: N/A - 10/28
Script: Junko Kamura / Director: Shojiro Nakazawa

Haruto found out that Hiroki is the son of Mikiko, his old friend, Mikiko. Haruto suggests that he watches over Hiroki until the Phantom case is solved. However, Phoenix attacks Mikiko instead to bring Hiroki into despair, seeing his mother getting hurt. When Haruto realizes this, he searches for Hiroki's father.

S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Red Ranger!!

From Bluefin Tamashii Nations Facebook:

More info will be revealed this weekend at New York Comic-Con. This looks freaking awesome!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Wizard Toy: Drago Timer

From Alpha Heroshock:

The new toy catalogue reveals a new mysterious item for Wizard, the Drago Timer. Apprently, it is capable of scanner a large panel of Rings, elementary Rings, elementary dragon Rings and spells.
The toy will be released in february 2013

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Rider!!! Kamen Rider Beast

From Alpha Heroshock:

The new Rider of Kamen Rider Wizard will be called Kamen Rider Beast !
Thanks to the Beast Driver (that looks like the Shogun Buckle from Power Rangers Super Samurai) and a new gold and green Wizard Ring representing his helmet, our hero will be able to transform into a gold lion Rider.
His armor sports a golden lion head on the left shoulder and a red ox head on the right shoulder.
He will have five new Rings, still call Wizard Rings, colored orange, green, blue and red.
The Driver will spell the word « lion » when the transformation sequence will be on : L-I-O-N ~ Liooon ~
His weapon is the Dice Saber and it’s able to summon lions durings its final attack.

Beast’s Wizard Rings represent animals.
As we can see on this good picture, Beast’s bracelet has a dolphin on it. If you look closely to the previous picture, you’ll notice that a dolphin is also engraved onto the blue Ring. The red Ring represents the ox, which might explain why he doesn’t wear his red shoulder pad all the time.
Except the golden Ring that represents the lion, we will have to see what animals the orange and green Rings represent.
Quick bonus, it seems that Wizard will evolve again with his dragon!

It seems each of his Rings, that represent animals, add to his right shoulder pad a manteau.
His animals are : a golden lion, an orange eagle, a green chameleon, a blue dolphin and the red ox.
If Wizardragon is Wizard’s beast, Beast’s beast will be Beast Chimera!