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Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Power Rangers Megaforce Info

The new slogan has a nice catch to it. Much better than "Rangers together, Samurai forever."

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Power Rangers Legends to be Released

From Slide to Play:

"Combat-wise, the game feels familiar, using swipes for sword slashes. We were unable to counter attacks by slashing in the opposite direction, so this ability may not be in the final game. However, you could activate a series of nicely-animated special kicks and blasts with buttons that appeared in the upper-right of the screen, which show off a bit more of your Ranger's skills. Disappointingly, you won't be able to combine your Rangers into one giant mech for an epic showdown.
Since Power Rangers Legends covers multiple seasons of the show, you'll be able to download extra seasons and episodes (containing unique enemies) using in-app purchases. In this way, the game is tied more closely to the show's history than some other licensed games we've played. But the simple gameplay and lack of combat variety might make additional seasons a hard sell. Power Rangers Legends will be available on the App Store in mid-November."

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Go-Busters Toy Pics and More

From Alpha Heroshock:

DX GB-Custom Visor

DX Soft Vinyl Red Buster Powered Custom

DX Li-Oh Blaster

LT-06 Tategami Li-Oh

The Messiah Cards are saves for Messiah. He planed his own sacrifice to gather data on the humans. Now he can run his master plan : to erode the Earth !

Hiromu and Masato will fall under Puppetroid’s powers. He will manipulate them and make them fight against each other.

New Kyoryuger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

-The partner beasts for Kyoryuuger will be digital, much like Digimon

-The story of Kyoryuuger will revolve around the idea that dinosaurs managed to survive in some fashion on a certain island. 3 different organizations will compete to gain the powers they possess.

-Yoshio Urasawa (Carranger's main writer), and also a writer for Digimon Adventure and Abaranger, is rumored to be the head writer for Kyoryuuger. Responsible for some awesomely ridiculous episodes in Carranger and Abaranger, his work on Digimon is actually kind of the opposite; going from weird to mind bending (and writing the now classic Episode 21 of Adventure.)

New Go-Busters Episode Summaries

From RangerBoard:

The Go-Busters had ventured into Hyperspace, and thought they defeated their enemies, the Vagrass, but it seems they were wrong. Enter, Escape, and possibly even Messiah still function. Just before the Busters defeated Messiah, Enter made a back up of his data. It seems Messiah planned his own destruction, to gather data on those who would be able to defeat him. In short, he needs data on human kind, to start his plans to erode the Earth...

Mission 33:
Title- Morphin'! Powered Custom
Airs- 10/7/12

Enter, who had not been destroyed, develops the "Earth Erosion Strategy" for Messiah's purposes. The Metaroids and Megazords have now gained a power up with this new plan from Messiah, and the Go-Busters unleash their own power up to counter them- becoming the Go-Busters Powered Custom.

Note- SunadokeRoid (HourglassRoid) will be the Metaroid for this episode. His Zord will not appear until the next ep.

Mission 34:
Title- Teki wa BeetBuster?! (BeetBuster is the Enemy?!)
Airs- 10/14/12

Although their battle in Hyperspace is still fresh in memory, Hiromu and Masato once again have a serious clash! Why are these two really fighting each other?

Note- PuppetRoid will be the Metaroid for this episode (meaning that Hiromu and Masato are being puppeted.) PuppetZord and SunadokeZord will also appear.

Mission 35:
Title- TategamiRaiOh, Hoeru! (TategamiRaiOh, Roar!)
Airs- 10/21/12

A new mecha, TategamiRaiOh (voiced by Ichiro Mizuki) appears in front of our heroes and says, simply, that he wants to challenge the Go-Busters to a fight!

The Go-Busters investigate the new bot, and end up finding the daughter of one Professor Hazuki Saburo, Hazuki Mika (played by Oho Sayoko). All Mika has to say is that "My father made TategamiRaiOh in order to defeat you!".

Notes- It would seem RaiOh is a rival mecha to the Busters' Machines. Also, Megazord Epsilon will once again be appearing in the ep.

Mission 36:
Title- Go-BusterRaiOh Gakiin! (Gakiin has no really english meaning, it's an onomatopoeia for something shining or glistening.)
Airs- 10/28/12

The Buddyroids go on strike, in request of better treatment. This puts the use of Powered Custom in jeopardy, as it requires the Go-Busters and Buddyroids to synchronize. What will the Go-Busters do?!

Notes- As the title suggests, this episode will feature Go-BusterRaiOh's first appearence. BulldozerRoid and BulldozerZord will appear as the enemies.

Some More Go-Busters Pics

From Alpha Heroshock:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Go-Busters Pics

From Alpha Heroshock:

In the 33rd episode (october 7th), Masato will upgrade his Protector last seen in episode 23 to create the proper Powered Custom.
In episode 35 (october 14th), Masato will introduce the Buddyzord Tetagami Lioh to the team. He will sometimes have a verbal twitch, like the Engine of Engine Sentai Go-Onger, that will make him say « gan gan gagiiiin ». Go-Buster Lioh should also appear in this episode (to be confirmed).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Go-Busters Pics

From Alpha Heroshock:

Thanks to the GB Custom Visor set to their Morphin Brace, the Go-Busters transform their Buddyroids into datas and convert them into armors to become the Go-Busters Powered Custom !
Thanks to this power up, their powers increase !
On the Vaglass side, Enter is in possession of 12 Messiah Cards whose effects are still unknown.

LT-06 Tategami Lioh, the giant Buddyzord, also appears ! Thanks to its Buddy Vehicle mode, a three-wheeled bike, it can serve as a quick transport for Go-Buster Ace. It is the Cho Speed Formation.
The Lioh Blaster will serve as a cockpit and as a powerful cannon when it’s combined with the Sogan Blade.
When LT-06 combines with GT-02 and RH-03, it becomes Go-Buster Lioh.
When BC-04 and SJ-05 are added to this formation, the most powerful robot of the Go-Busters, Go-Buster King, appears !

Kamen Rider Movie War Ultimatum Revealed

From Henshin Justice:

Fourze’s part is set 5 years after the ending of the TV series! Gentaro has now become a teacher at Amanogawa High, while Yuki achieved her dream to become an astronaut. Kengo has taken over his father’s role as a scientist and Ryusei has become an Interpol agent. Many of Fourze’s friends will be featured in the movie. Even Inga Blink and Nadeshiko will reappear in the movie. Inga Blink saves Ryusei’s life at one point too! The mysterious Sanagiman from Inazuman appears as one of the enemies. The magical girl Patrine, from the Showa tokusatsu series Pretty Mask Poitrine, appears and challenges Wizard to a magic duel. One of the other enemies is the Hercules Zodiarts. Where could the Switch have come from!?

New Kamen Rider Wizard Pics

From Henshin Justice:

When using the Flame Dragon Ring, Wizard transforms from Flame Style to Flame Dragon. With the ring, Wizard brings out the power of his inner Phantom, the WizarDragon, and uses its power. Flame Dragon is much stronger with immense and amazing power.

In conjunction with the new form, here comes the Special Ring. When used the head of the WizarDragon will appear on Wizard’s chest and he can fire high-intensity flames, acting like a cannon.

The Drill Ring allows Wizard to spin at high speeds and attack the Phantoms. Here the Land Style is seen to use the Drill Ring fighting a new Phantom, Gnome.

The Extend Ring allows Wizard’s left hand to stretch and bend at will with ease, reaching far distance objects, such as saving Shunpei from the Ghouls. As seen in Episode 3, the Please Ring transfers magical power from one person to another, Koyomi relies on this to keeping herself ‘alive’. The Smell Ring, like it’s name suggests, releases a horrible odor.

The mysterious White Wizard, who was revealed to be the person giving Haruto the WizarDriver. Just who is he? Is he on Haruto’s side or is he evil and has other intentions? Currently the real identity of the White Wizard is unknown.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Kamen Rider Wizard Rumors

From RangerBoard:

The following is a rumor, please take with many grains of salt:

-Wizard's world is like Hibiki's, there are many Mahoutsukai all over the world. 5 are set to appear within the course of Wizard's story.

-Wizard will have 2 Final Forms, whose rings seem to be "Adamantite and Orichalum" (2 Mythical/Legendary metals.) The rings are set on a Knuckle device. The Knuckle can become a MachineGun, and a Cannon.

-The 2nd Rider will be Kamen Rider Witch, the first female secondary rider. Witch is like Wizard, but has a Witch's hat-type helmet, and her jewelery is "clear" colored. She has a Broom-styled Halberd as her weapon, which can turn into a Sniper Rifle. She transforms/Form Changes by setting clear jewelery onto her neckless.

-The 3rd Rider, currently nameless, will have a "Japanese Magician/Diviner" motif. His head is shaped like Fourze's. Has a "Summoner Form" and a "Samurai Form." Samurai Form can move at incredible speed, but can only be maintained for a short period of time. Summoner Form can summon Phantoms that Samurai Form has defeated and let the Rider control them.

-The Wizard Summer movie will detail the unknown portion of Wizard's training from his Master, and the first time he transforms. It will also be the first appearance of his Final Forms and Rider # 3.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

POP! Power Rangers Vinyl Figures

From Official Power Morphicon Facebook:

New vinyl figures featuring the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are set to hit stores on November 29th!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Kyoryuger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Quoted by dukemon22:

"After searching a couple of websites, I found some interesting theories about Kyoryuuger from Japanese sites. WARNING- THESE ARE NOT RUMORS, FACTS, OR OTHERWISE. They are just things people have noticed, and are not confirmed in any way:

-Red could have a Pteranodon motif

Why? Different fans have discussed the motif of Red this year being a Pteranodon. OOO's medals were extremely popular, and Putotyranno seems to have been especially popular. In that combo, we have Pteranodon as the head.

My take- I think this is a pretty logical theory. Pteranodon is going to be included in the lineup somewhere, and red is a fitting place for it. If Red isn't going to be T-Rex, he needs to be something that still has the clout of one. Also, even though the Pteranodon has exclusively gone to female rangers, we did have both TopGaler and the RhamphoGolds in Abaranger; both other species of flying reptile related to Pteranodon.

-The origin of the title, "Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuuger"

Take "Kyoryuu Sentai Jyuranger", flip the words around and you get "Jyuren Sentai Kyoryuuger". Just change out the "r" for a "d" and there's your title. How did I miss that lol.

-Henshin Device might be a Smartphone afterall

From the same poster who talked about the title's origin. As previously reported "Jyuden" can be a play on "Juuden" or Charge. The original poster thinks this might indicate the henshin device having to charge after use; i.e. being some sort of new tech device, like a smart phone. Given the evolution of Sentai Henshin Devices over the years, it would only make sense. The "popular item" of the day was used to transform. We went from watches, to braces, to phones, and the next step would be a smart phone, or tablet like device."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Jyuden Sentai Kyoruger Rumors

From RangerBoard:


Please take the following with a grain of salt, it is likely very much a fake, but it is worth a read, as it is kind of interesting:

Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuuger:

Team Consists of:






The mecha the Kyoryuuger pilot are referred to as the "Jyuden Genshijyu" 獣電原子獣 (Beast Electric Atom Beasts). The term is a play on the word "Genshijyu" 原始獣 (Primitive Beasts), and are not dinosaurs, but ancient animals. This makes the rumor very hard to believe, but it is interesting, and I figured posted it would breed some good discussion.

They are rumored as follows:

KyoryuuRed will control the "Jyuden GigaKong" a giant ape type mecha, with rock-like plating. GigaKong is named after the Gigantopithecus:

KyoryuuBlue will control the "Jyuden Andrewsarchus" a hyena-type mecha, named for Andrewsarchus:

KyoryuuGreen will control the "Jyuden Ootsunojika" a deer-type mecha, named for Megaloceros:

KyoryuuYellow will control the "Jyuden Shisochou" an archeopteryx-type mecha, named for the Archaeopteryx:

KyoryuuPink will control the "Jyuden Glyptodon" an armadillo-type mecha, named for the Glyptodon:

Henshin Device:

-The Kyoryuuger will henshin with the temporarily-titled, "Kyoryuu Smaho" (Kyoryuu Smartphone)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Bloks on Amazon

From Amazon:

Shark Mechazord

Tiger Mechazord

Red Hero Racer

Robo Knight Showdown

Gosei Great Megazord

Dragon Mechazord

****All Names are subject to change. They are NOT CONFIRMED Names****

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sentai 2013 Rumors

From Henshin Justice:

Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー)!  Trademarks for what seems to be next Super Sentai series seems to be have registered under the ID 2012-65209! Jyuden consists of the two kanji characters, beast and electricity, while kyoryu means dinosaur. So the next Sentai series is most likely another dinosaur based show.