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Friday, September 30, 2011

New Gokaiger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Episode 39:

Megaranger Tribute Episode. The Gokaiger disugise themselves as high school students and enter Moroboshi High. Guest Starring Ooshiba Hayato as Date Kenta/MegaRed

Episode 40:

Timeranger Tribute Episode. Gai episode. Guest Starring Izumi Shuuhei as Domon

Episode 41:

Aihm's backstory episode. The Emperor's bodyguards, who destroyed Planet Famille, appear.

Here's the big one. Gokaiger's winter movie will be called "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Gavan".

Rumored to guest star Ohba Kenji as Ichijouji Retsu/Gavan, Akebono Shiro/Battle Kenya and Oume Daigorou/DenjiBlue.

A Metal Hero team-up??? Sounds interesting if it turns out to be true. Seeing as Kenji Ohba returned for the Gokaiger: 199 Heroes movie, I could see this happening somehow. But only time will tell.

The past couple of rumors I posted left some of you leaving with comments such as "I don't believe it" or "IDK it didn't happen when the actual episode aired." THESE ARE JUST RUMORS. They are not true until it is confirmed through actual episode descriptions or pictures.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Kamen Rider Fourze Pics

From RangerBoard:

More Gokaiger Toy Pics

Sentai 2012 Title About Ghosts?!

From TokuInsider:

-The title seems to be "Tokumei Sentai Gobusters" (Special Mission Taskforce Gobusters)

-Given the rumors we've had, it's very likely the title is a play on "Ghostbusters"

Gokaiger Episode 32-36 Summaries

From RangerBoard:

Episode 32:
Title- Chikara wo Hitotsu ni (Combine Our Powers)
Airs- 10/02/11

Gai and the others were injured by the true form of Basco. Hakase decides to create a new weapon, borrowing everyone else's weapons in the proccess. He continues development on the weapon, but it is only ending in failure.

Furtheremore, the Action Commander Shieldon, who can repel any attack with his shield, appears. Although this only causes Hakase to worry more, he gets a hint from the words of Gai and Goro Hoshino, and is able to complete the GalleonBuster at last!

Episode 33:
Title- Hero Daaaa! (I'm a hero!)
Airs- 10/09/11

Gai's GokaiCellular is swallowed by the new Action Commander, Zakyura. Gai can neither transform, or fight...

The worrying Gai runs into a Delivery Man from a Chinese Restaurant. He turns out to be none other than the former Ryuuranger, Tenkasei Ryou!

Episode 34:
Title- Yume wo Kanaete (Dream Comes True)
Airs- 10/16/11

A Space Businessman (and rich person) appears before Luka. He turns out to be Luka's childhood friend, Kain.


-Action Commander Vannain appears as the villain this episode

-Luka's childhood friend, Kain, will be played by Kimisawa Yuki, aka, Kirihiko/Nazca Dopant

-The title is an obvious nod to Dynaman, so maybe they'll stick in the use of that power here

Episode 35:
Title- Jigen no Mukou (The Dimension on the Other Side)
Airs- 10/23/11

The Gaiark officer, Chirakashizuki appears.

Episode 36:
Title- Aibou Kaizoku (Partner Pirate)
Airs- 10/30/11

In front of the Gokaiger appeared a mysterious robot, whose name was Bonper! Former Go-OnRed, Esumi Sosuke, appears.

The Gokaiger end up taking on Chirakashizuki and another Gaiark officer, Babaachuudo, to stop their attack on the Gunman World. However, the Gokaiger fall into a Gaiark trap! There hope lies in....Enjin MachFalcon!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


From Cynopsis:

"Marvista Entertainment and Saban Brands will debut three new Power Rangers Samurai TV specials (2x30, 1x60), based on the new TV series of the same name.  Featuring the Samurai Rangers, the new specials include:
  • Christmas Together, Friends Forever - the Rangers reflect on their first year together as a team and learn about the spirit of the season.
  • Party Monsters - a scare-fest when the creepiest monsters from beyond get together for party and trade stories about their battles with the Rangers.
  • The Clash of the Red Rangers - a crossover special where the Samurai Rangers team with the mysterious RPM Rangers Red fend off the dual threat from Master Xandred's Mooger army and robotic super-villain from the RPM Ranger's dimension.  When something goes awry, the two Red Rangers turn on one another and the fate of the world hangs in the balance."

OMG!! I can't believe it! It's been 4 years since our last team-up. Now fans' prayers have been answered. But it seems like Tzachor is trying to keep each season in its own continuity, which isn't pleasing to a lot of fans, but hey we still got a team-up!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Gokaiger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

-Go-on tribute will be 2 episodes. Machalcon is Speedor and BearV's child.

-2 Gaiark survivors appear. Barbaric Preservation Chief Chirakashizkey and 2nd Pollution President Babatchean (1st poll president was from Shinken vs Go-on)

Following that is the Complete GokaiOh episode (it mentions being a 2 part but not sure if it means it debuts in the 2nd Go-on ep or in a 2parter of its own).

-Emperor Ackdos Gil sends a tide turning weapon to his son. Walz Gil heads to the front lines to test it.

-After being pushed into the corner by the Zangyack, the Gokaiger use their own great power to form Complete GokaiOh.

-Warz Gil is killed in this battle.

-Barizorg is defeated by Joe and dies.

-Damaras takes Walz Gil's corpse. 

New Gokaiger Pics

From RangerBoard:

Apparently Engine Machalcon is the son of Speedor and BearV?!

Movie War Megamax Riders Revealed!!!

From RangerBoard:

It's pretty cool that we're getting another female Rider. Her name is Kamen Rider Nadesiko. Our Core Medal Rider for the OOO Movie is Kamen Rider Poseidon. They look pretty sweet.

New Kamen Rider Fourze Pics

From RangerBoard: