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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Gokaiger Pics/Episode Descriptions

From RangerBoard:

Episode Summaries
Ep 14 Always Traffic Safety
Kyousuke (RedRacer) stops and lectures a Zangyack's action commander for ignoring the red signal. Seeing this, Insarn fell in love with Kyousuke's manliness. Given that the action commander also likes Insarn, what exactly would happen with this love triangle?

Note: the action commander of the episode is named ジェラシット. Jealousid? something like that, i'm sure the pun is in there.

Ep 15 Privateer Appears
A mysterious man who seems to be an old friend of Marvelous appears. He calls Marvelous as Marv-chan.

Sentai Actors Confirmed for Gokaiger Movie

Here is a picture that I found on RangerBoard that features the Sentai Actors that will return for the movie.


Here are some more pics of the movie:

Power Rangers Samurai Gold Ranger Article

Here is an article I found on TV Guide:

Get ready to meet the newest Power Ranger.
Making his debut this Saturday on Nickeodeon's Power Rangers Samurai is the Gold Ranger/Antonio, who joins as the tech wizard of the group. The Gold Ranger was a childhood friend of the Red Ranger/Jayden and uses his Samurai power to fight evil by mastering the element of light.
In this first-look photo, the Gold Ranger, portrayed by Steven Skyler, shows off his armor with the kanji symbol on his helmet and his barracuda blade as a weapon, with the devoted Octozord at his side.
The Gold Ranger's first appearance will coincide with the show's new day and time beginning April 30th, moving to Saturdays at noon/11 a.m. c on Nickelodeon. Fans will have their very first chance to play the Gold Ranger on's game, Power Rangers Samurai: Rangers Together, Samurai Forever, when the Gold Ranger joins the team this Saturday.

The Link provided here has an exclusive video clip:

Also, here is a picture of what the Gold Ranger's Mega Mode looks like:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gokaiger Episodes 11 and 12 Summaries

From RangerBoard:

Episode 11:
Navi gives a clue about samurais to the Gokaigers. When they are searching for samurais, they meet Kaoru Shiba who is after the Shinkenger Ranger Keys.
While Joe is fighting Kaoru, Zangyack suddenly appears and interrupts the fight.
Barizorg starts to fight Joe and he experiences deja vu.

Episode 12:
As Barizorg and Joe are fighting, Joe is reminded of a certain incident.
When Joe finds out that Barizorg is actually his senior who he had great respect for, he suddenly disappears.
Ahim is worried about Joe and wants to go out and search for him, while Marvelous tells her to just leave it be and everything is fine.
Joe decides to head out and fight Barizorg once more in hopes of trying to get Barizorg's memories back.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kamen Rider 2012 Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Kamen Rider Fouze

Fouze is a high school student, he inherited the Rider System from his father and he fights "Noa", I guess Noa is the monsters.
He can't use the full power of Fouze and only uses a small portion of it.
He has 4 forms and he also suffers from memory loss. Scriptwriter has never worked with any Kamen Rider series before.

More Kamen Rider OOO Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Maki becomes Giru.
Date dies.
Eiji became less selfish because of his brother, Yuma Hino.
Eiji went to the disputed area in order to save the town. It was for the sake of desires of the whole world.
When Eiji finds out about the truth, he becomes the embodiment of unselfishness.
Eiji's unselfishness is the source of OOO's powers.
His greed gradually releases when he uses the purple medals, then he suddenly becomes the embodiment of greed and absorbs Ankh.

New Kamen Rider OOO Episode Info

From RangerBoard:

With the release of Figure Oh Vol. 159, they reveal that PuToTyra actually represents extinct and fantasy creatures.

 Eiji absorbs the pruple Core Medals and falls into a crisis. Three Core Medals spontaneously separates from Eiji's body and loads into the OOO Driver, this causes Eiji to transform into the PuToTyra Combo. When Eiji's eyes glow purple, he loses complete control of his own body and he's left in a "berserk mode". Using the PuToTyra Combo is definitely a extremely dangerous thing to do.

 After fighting the Yummy, Eiji gets seriously injured. Yet he keeps on fighting because he wants to save people. He'd go so far to even risk his own life to save others, when Date sees Eiji's recklessness, Date starts to remember that he has met Eiji before.
During May, Eiji's past will finally be revealed and it's connected to why he would go so far to risk his own life for others.
When Doctor Maki betrayed the Kougami Foundation, he took a stone case with him. Inside lies 10 purple Core Medals. These 10 Medals are about to cause trouble.

Doctor Maki abandoned his laboratory in order to work with Kazari and Ankh (Lost). He also uses himself for an experiment, he absorbs a few of the Core Medals.

In episode 32, two Pteranodon Yummies will be created from the purple Core Medals. These two Yummies did make an appearance in Kamen Rider OOO & W: Movie Core War, however the two in the TV series are completely different.
Their goal is to turn everything into nothing and they are able to spit out black fog which causes humans to disappear. A similar black fog comes out of the purple Core Medals which forces OOO to revert back into human form.

 Episode 32, May 1
Script: Yasuko Kobayashi Director: Satoshi Morota
Date takes Eiji to the hospital, after Eiji absorbed some purple Core Medals and lost his conscious.
Suddenly, two Pteranodon Yummies appears.

Episode 33, May 8
Script: Shachu Mouri Director: Hidenori Ishida
Eiji's high school friend, Kitamura, invites him to a amusement park.
Eiji takes Date, Gotou, Hina and Ankh with him. While they were having fun, Hina is suddenly missing.

Episode 34, May 15
Script: Shachu Mouri Director: Hidenori Ishida
Eiji is determined to save Gotou and Date, who were both kidnapped by a Yummy.
Eiji asks his friend Kitamura, who knows about the amusement park really well, for help.
However, Kitamura looks at Ankh as someone hostile. They eventually meet the Yummy and Kazari.

Episode 35, May 22
Script: Shachu Mouri Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Hina wins first prize in a designer competition at her fashion college and is given a trip to France.
On the other hand, a Yummy that wants to crush dreams appears.
This Yummy is actually the Unicorn Yummy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Go-Kaiger Shinkenger and Carranger Tribute Info

From RangerBoard:

During May, Kaoru Shiba will make her appearance in two episodes.
In order to take back Shinkenger's Ranger Keys, she challenges the Gokaigers.
These two episodes will revolve around Joe's past as well.
Red Racer will be back for an episode, which will be directed by Yoshio Urasawa. This episode is supposed to be an extremely funny episode.
Kaoru will use the Shinkenmaru to challenge the Gokaigers.
Her retainer, Tanba, will make an appearance too.

Carranger is episode 14, the crew meets the actor Kyosuke Jinnai.
Episode 13 is about Ahim working with a kidnapper that has money problems.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Go-Kaiger Pics

From RangerBoard:

Kaoru will return for the Shinkenger Tribute Episode. Joe's past will be revisited. Also for the movie, GoranGokaiOh will be the movie mecha. It will utilize the Goranger's Variblune. Everything looks exciting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO KoraKaWani Form

From RangerBoard:

Go-Kaiger Rumors

From dukemon22:

-GokaiSilver's Robo seems to be called "Goujyujin" (Strong Beast God). It has a 3 step transformation- transforms from a Dinosaur, to a Drill Battleship, and then into a robo.

-The robo's right arm is a drill (in a nod to AbarenOh). The left arm is the Tyranno's head (a fist is inside the head). The legs are the Tyranno legs. Reminds the poster of a Bluish AbarenOh with accents.

-The entire bot is blue, only the head is red. Has an anchor-visor motif in yellow and red. GokaiSilver's anchor mark (in blue) is on the chest.

-Arms seem to be spin via a dial gimmick in the back. There is a union with GokaiOh, but it may only be arm switching.

It will retail at 6,800 yen, releasing in July.

-Not really info, but it's nice what they did here with the name. Gojyujin is only a little away from "Gouryujin".

GokaiMachine Series 04 FuuRaiMaru:

Modeled after Hurricanger's FuuRaiMaru, except it is totally green in color. Stores in GokaiOh by dividing into 5. Unfolding gimmick in both GokaiOh arms. Out of the feet appear 3-sided Shuriken. Out of the chest comes a Senpuujin head/helmet. Both Shurikens can unite into a bigger weapon (like Tenkuujin's weapon) which GokaiOh can hold.