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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Kamen Rider Fourze Pics

From Henshin Justice:


The 40th Astro Switch, the Cosmic Switch. It holds tremendous amounts of power. It allows Gentaro to transform in the Cosmic States. When Fourze is in the Cosmic States, he’s given a weapon, just like the other States. In this case, it’s the Barizun Sword. It’s compatible with other Astro Switches. It has 2 different modes, the original rocket-like state, called “Boost Mode” The Barizun Sword in the Boost Mode is so strong that it can send an enemy fly out to space. When the white part from the Boost Mode unfolds, it becomes a blue sword, the “Slash Mode” By using both the Elek Switch and Rocket Switch with the Barizun Sword, Fourze can use an attack called “Electro Rocket Slash.” If he uses the Fire Switch, he can attack with the “Flaming Slash” When Fourze is in his Cosmic States, he’s able to use any switch he wants to by pressing them on the panel on his chest. When a numbered Switch is pressed, he’ll be able to use it. Not only that, he can combine 2 Switches with the help of the Cosmic Switch. For example, if he uses the Launcher and Freeze Switches, Fourze can shoot missiles that freezes an enemy! Cosmic States absolute strongest attack is the Rider Super Galaxy Finish!

 The Aries Zodiart. He has the power to put people to eternal sleep.

 Why has Meteor decided to fight against Fourze!? He claims that he’ll defeat Fourze once and for all! As they are fighting, Fourze can’t keep up with Meteor Storm. Forcing Gentaro to cancel his transformation. As the fight ends, Gentaro’s heartbeat stops.

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