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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Power Rangers Seasons 8-12 Bonus Features Revealed

From RangerCrew:

Bonus Features

  • The Voice Of A Ranger - A Look at the ADR Process with Voice Director Scott Page-Pagter and members of the Power Rangers cast.
  • Ranger Tales - Cast members reflect on their seasons of Power Rangers.
  • Pure Titanium - Rhett Fisher looks back on the first purely American-created Power Ranger.
  • A Web Of Fans - An in-depth look at the thriving world of Power Rangers' Internet Fandom, including fan web sites and Saban Brands' own Power Force!
  • Original Return Of The Ranger Featurette
  • ...And More!
In the coming months, Shout! Factory and Saban Brands will be announcing additional news about the collection, including details on all-new bonus content! Fans can learn more about the upcoming collection by following us on Facebook and Twitter (@PowerRangerNews @shoutfactory).

Power Rangers Megaforce Returns September 7!!

From Nick and More:

"Power Rangers Megaforce returns and Digimon Fusion premieres Sept. 7 from 1-2pm on Nick."

Well there you go, the unbearable wait is finally over!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sentai 2014 RUMORS

From RangerBoard:

REMEMBER: these are just rumors and shouldn't be taken for being legit until it is actually confirmed.

From dukemon22:

-Going off of well reception in toy sales, next year's series will apparently be along the lines of "animal faced" vehicles, Go-onger style. Likely, the flavor of the designs will be different, but the idea will be the same. (This makes sense, if true, as Bandai wouldn't want to take a step back in toy sales from Kyoryuger. You have to follow up dinosaurs with something that is known to work. Ninjas, Samurai and pirates are out, for obvious reasons.)

Do keep in mind, animal-faced vehicles has a wide range. Go-Busters, Goseiger, Liveman, and Jetman all fall into that category, after all.

-In a surprising move, a lion will not be counted among the mecha. (Lions having become a staple of animal themed shows.) That is not to say, however, that a lion mecha won't show up somewhere down the line.

-The color yellow will return to the ranger color wheel next year, as a female

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Power Rangers Seasons 8-12 Boxed Set Artwork!

From RangerCrew:

RangerCrew just posted the artwork for the second boxed set of Power Rangers. Makes you wonder what the MMPR Red and Zeo Rangers are doing on there? Probably for Forever Red, and maybe the others are on the back.