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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saban to Begin Casting Calls For Power Rangers 2012!

From Fury Diamond on Ranger Crew:

"My source has informed me that Saban is holding an open casting call for the next Power Rangers series in a few weeks. I'll post more information when I get it.

If you plan on auditioning, get your audition tape ready."

This is exciting news for Power Ranger Fans because everyone had been speculating if there would be casting calls at all this month or even for the remainder of the year. But we still don't know how the rest of Power Rangers Samurai will air for the rest of the year.

EDIT::: The opening casting call has been cancelled until further notice. I wonder why they decided to cancel??

EDIT 8/18::: Casting calls will resume the next week. Casting Sides are from Samurai. Only the real sides will be given out during callbacks.

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  1. What type of audition is it, and what is expected in the video? I've watched the show for years and had dreamed of getting the chance to be a part of it, so I'd really like to try it out. I would also like to know where to send the video?