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Monday, October 31, 2011

Gokaiger Episode Rumors

From Jefusion:

Episode 45 is titled "Resurrection Balzion" (TBA). It involves Ackdos Gil creating a new Balzion and sending it to Earth to challenge KanzenGokaiOh. The Gokaiger require Bioman's Ultimate Power to fight the Anti-Bio Particles.

Gou Shirou, former RedOne, shows up to train the Gokaiger and give them the Bioman's power. BioHunter Silva will not appear, because his voice actor, Hayashi Kazuo, was unavailable. Instead, Action Commander AquaMesser will pilot Balzion.

Episode 46 is the would be Fiveman tribute episode, whether or not Basco has stolen this power is unknown. If Basco ends up as the final villain, the Emperor may not be around for too long.

Episode 47 is RUMORED to be the JAKQ Tribute

Episode 48:
Working Title- Aoi sora no Kessen (The Decisive Battle of the Blue Sky)

The Gokaiger pull out every trump card they can think of, but they cannot beat Akudos Gil. The Emperor summons his forces to Earth, and starts a full scale attack. Seeing the numbers they face, the Gokaiger loose heart, especially since the Ranger Keys had returned to their rightful owners.

Just then, Akaranger, Kaijou Tsuyoshi, appears!

Episode 49:
Working Title- Koutei, Shisu (The Emperor, Dies)

The Gokaiger are joined by the 34 Super Sentai with Akaranger, and regain their will to fight. The Second Great War begins, and the battle goes to the Super Sentai. The Emperor is betrayed by Damaras, who kills him.

Episode 50 (Final Episode):
Working Title- Uchuu Saidai no Takara (The Greatest Universal Treasure)

Damaras, who had killed Akudos Gil, makes himself the new Zangyack Emperor, and declares war on the Super Sentai. Damaras descends to Earth, giving the Gokaiger a lot of trouble with his tremendous power. The Gokaiger beat Damaras with a combination of the GalleonBuster and the Legend Dream, Damaras having been away from battle so long wasn't up to the challenge. Just what is the Greatest Universal Treasure?!

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