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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Kamen Rider Fourze Episode Summaries

From Jefusion:

The two Horoscopes are shown to be not in good terms with each other. Gamou had been favoring Cancer Zodiarts, and due to his many failures, there's a chance that Libra will be banished into the Dark Nebula, along with Sonoda.

Since next month is March, Amanogawa Highs School's seniors, the 3rd years, will be graduating soon. A group of 3rd year student that once were Zodiarts — Tamae Sakuma (Chameleon Zodiarts), Usaka Ritsuka (Altar Zodiarts) & Nimoto Jin (Dragon Zodiarts) — came up to see Gentaro. Is this for revenge or to form a new friendship with Gentaro?!

Furthermore, the seniors of Kamen Rider Club will also graduate. Shun and Gentaro agreed to do something memorable for the Club. But what is it? What is with the white-suit get-up and Fourze preparing to launch?

Additionally, here are the titles for Kamen Rider Fourze's March episodes:

Episode 25: 卒・業・後・髪 Graduation Reluctance - 03/04
Episode 26: 有・終・輪・舞 Round Dance Perfection - 03/11
Episode 27: 変・身・却・下 Transformation Dismissed - 03/18

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