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Friday, April 27, 2012

New Go-Busters Episodes 11-14 Summaries

From RangerBoard:

Mission 11:
Title- Nerawareta Weakpoint (Targeted Weakpoint)
Airs- 5/6/12

Gorisaki, always worried about Ryuuji's possible overheating, decides to build a safeguard to warn him when this is about to happen. However, the beeping that signals the overheating ends up distracting the Go-Busters, so the invention ends up a failure. Ryuuji doesn't blame Gorisaki, but Gorisaki wants to be partners like Hiromu/Nikku and Youko/Usada, partners who speak their true intentions to each other.

Notes- FanRoid and FanZord are the monsters for this episode.

Mission 12:
Title- Hensou wa Otsuki? (Do you like Disguises?)
Airs- 5/13/12

What does Vagrass set their aims on next? The answer is something that doesn't exist in Hyperspace, but required for the manufacturing of Megazords: A Crystal used to make Camera Lenses. The ore is not yet in Japan, however, Hong Kong Actress, Angie Soo has come to town for a 3-day stay, and she wears one such crystal as jewelery. The Go-Busters are instantly tasked with becoming her bodyguards....but it seems that Angie and Youko are nearly identical!

Notes- CopyRoid and CopyZord are the monsters for this episode.

Mission 13:
Title- Surprise na Kyuujitsu (A Surprise Day-Off)
Airs- 5/20/12

Yoko proposes that the 3 Busters, and 3 Buddyroids go on a "Surprise Tour." The Buddyroids are happy, getting to go to places like the amusement park and the zoo. However, just when the 6 are forgetting the pressure of their duties for a while, TubaRoid appears. Add to that, the Transfer of the TubaZord is unusually short and it will be there soon!

If things weren't already bad, it seems Commander Kuroki has dissappeared from the base during this emergency, and cannot be contacted!

Notes: TubaRoid 1, TubaRoid 2, and TubaZord 1 are the monsters for this episode.

Mission 14:
Title- Sava? Kyuushuutsu Sakusen (Sava? Rescue Mission)
Airs- 5/27/12

Enter had made 2 copies of the same Metaroid (TubaRoid). What is enter trying to accomplish with this plan? And, more importantly, where is Commander Kuroki?

Notes: TubaRoid 2, and TubaZord 2 are the monsters for this episode.

***BeetBuster and his Buddy Roid are supposed to show up in the May episodes. Commander Kuroki is rumored to be the Buster, but that could change.

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