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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Rider!!! Kamen Rider Beast

From Alpha Heroshock:

The new Rider of Kamen Rider Wizard will be called Kamen Rider Beast !
Thanks to the Beast Driver (that looks like the Shogun Buckle from Power Rangers Super Samurai) and a new gold and green Wizard Ring representing his helmet, our hero will be able to transform into a gold lion Rider.
His armor sports a golden lion head on the left shoulder and a red ox head on the right shoulder.
He will have five new Rings, still call Wizard Rings, colored orange, green, blue and red.
The Driver will spell the word « lion » when the transformation sequence will be on : L-I-O-N ~ Liooon ~
His weapon is the Dice Saber and it’s able to summon lions durings its final attack.

Beast’s Wizard Rings represent animals.
As we can see on this good picture, Beast’s bracelet has a dolphin on it. If you look closely to the previous picture, you’ll notice that a dolphin is also engraved onto the blue Ring. The red Ring represents the ox, which might explain why he doesn’t wear his red shoulder pad all the time.
Except the golden Ring that represents the lion, we will have to see what animals the orange and green Rings represent.
Quick bonus, it seems that Wizard will evolve again with his dragon!

It seems each of his Rings, that represent animals, add to his right shoulder pad a manteau.
His animals are : a golden lion, an orange eagle, a green chameleon, a blue dolphin and the red ox.
If Wizardragon is Wizard’s beast, Beast’s beast will be Beast Chimera!

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