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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Airdates

From TV Rage:

03. Going Viral (Airs 2/16/13)
Noah has trouble with a heavy weapon, and must learn the power of self-belief in order to accomplish his goals.

04. Stranger Ranger (Airs 2/23/13)
The Rangers learn of the vital gifts of concentration, whilst a hapless civilian begins claiming he is one of them.

05. United We Stand (Airs 3/2/13)
The Rangers combat the malevolent Beezara, whose powers convert the males into worker drones, and causes Gia and Emma to turn on one another.

06. Harmony And Discord (Airs 3/9/13)
The Rangers must come up with a means of countering a Warstar underling who's soul-crushing song can cause physical pain. Their solution is to come up with a song of their own.

07. Who's Crying Now (Airs 3/16/13)
Troy must learn to overcome a group of salty bullies at school.

08. Robo Knight (Airs 3/23/13)
As a group of highly toxic creatures hatch their schemes of conquest, a new ally steps forward to aid the Power Rangers.

09. Prince Takes Knight (Airs 3/30/13)
Robo Knight is targeted by Prince Vrak, who intends to reprogram the Rangers new ally and turn him against them.

10. Man And Machine (Airs 4/6/13)
Robo Knight must learn the value of teamwork if he is to help the Rangers defeat a monster who can steal shadows.

11. Ultra Power (Airs 4/13/13)
The Rangers and Vrak clash for control of a powerful weapon known as the Wild Sword.

12. Last Laugh (Airs 4/20/13)
Noah and Robo Knight must put their no-nonsense characteristics to the test when they attempt to rescue the remaining Rangers from a monster that feeds on laughter.

13. Dream Snatcher (Airs 4/27/13)
Emma is targeted by a monster that can enter people's dreams and crush their spirits. Can the Rangers overcome the threat before Emma loses her sense of ambition?


14. Gosei Ultimate (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The power of the Aurora box makes the Rangers enemies even more of a threat, forcing the team to summon up all their cunning and resources to defeat their foes.

15. The Human Factor (Airdate TBD: 2013)
A group of robots attempt to convince Robo Knight that humans are the real danger to the Earth.

16. Rico The Robot (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The Rangers befriend a malfunctioning enemy robot and attempt to teach it the values of friendship.

17. Staying On Track (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The Rangers robotic adversaries plot to derail a passenger train and throw the city into chaos. Meanwhile Robo Knight befriends a small boy.

18. The Human Condition (Airdate TBD: 2013)
An old enemy returns, eager to exact his revenge on the Rangers.

19. The Messenger (Airdate TBD: 2013)
With the Warstar defeated, the Rangers attempt to finally relax, only to find Vrak has survived, and with the aid of the malicious machines, has been granted a new and far more powerful form.

20. End Game (Airdate TBD: 2013)
The Rangers make a gallant final stand against Vrak and his allies.

Seems we have a very early hiatus this year.

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