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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 8-11 Summaries

Courtesy of ca3blog:


KyouryuGold's personal robot that appears in episode 9, formed when Pteragoudon performs "Kaminari Henkei." It fights via the "Cutters" it bears on its arms, able to cause thunderstrikes. However, PteraiDenOh has fallen into the hands of Deivos, and this time around is standing in the Kyouryuger's way, as a powerful enemy.

When Dogold performs "Deivos In", Evil Spirit is transmitted into PteraidenOh, corrupting its form- complete with a visor and a jet-blank mantle around its' body.


KyouryuGold's Partner; a flying ZyuDenRyu. Although appearing officially in episode 8, it has been stolen by the Deivos' Chaos. Even though, the Deivos shouldn't be able to pour their spirits into a ZyuDenChi.


The 6th Kyouryuger, who is glimpsed in Episode 8. Utsusemimaru, loading the GaburiChanger with ZyuDenChi #6 (the changer also acting as a weapon) carries out Kyouryu Change, and becomes KyouryuGold! Gold fights with the ZanderThunder, a "Sword that Calls Thunder." According to Torin however, Utsusemimaru feel into a Deivos Trap 400 years ago, and is presumed dead. However, Torin was never able to find his Spirit.

Utsusemimaru (played by Maruyama Atsushi):

The ancient swordsman who transforms into KyouryuGold. Although he fought alongside Torin 400 years ago, he fell into a Deivos trap orchestrated by Dogold, and was never heard from again. However, is the day coming when he revives in the present age and fights alongside the team of Kyouryuger? In his time, he served under a Lord who looked exactly like Daigo; as such, he will not accept Daigo as a leader or join the team until Daigo proves himself a worthy Lord.

He is better at shooting than Ian, and better at swords than Souji. Using a sword fighting style based around static electricity, his finishing move is the "Raiden Zankou" (Thunder and Lighting Afterglow.) A cool character, he is nicknamed "Ucchi" by Amy.


Brave 8:
Title- Koko doko? Meiru wo Buttobase (Where is this? Bust through the Labyrinth!)
Airs- 4/7/13

No-san heads to the amusement park to be with his sister and niece, but their, Yuko's husband, and Rika's father, Kenichi, appears! How can a man who's supposed to be dead, be alive?

No-San's past is revealed, as are a lot of puns!

Notes- Deivo Kokodoko appears as motw, the episode is a No-san focus

Brave 9:
Title- Meccha Tsuyo! PteraiDenOh (Crazy Strong! PteraiDenOh)
Airs- 4/14/13

With Dogold carrying out a "Deivos In" via the Black ZyuDenChi, a manipulated Pteragoudon appears before the Kyouryuger as an enemy. Under Dogold's command, Pteragoudon performs "Kaminari Henkei" and stands against Kyouryujin as "PteraiDenOh."

Notes- Shugokishi Kanburi Ma appears as motw

Brave 10:
Title- Zandaa! Gorudo Fukkatsu (Zander! Gold Revival)
Airs- 4/21/13

After an intense battle between the Kyouryuger and Deivos, Torin's strategy finally ends in Gold's reappearence! However, the newly awakened Utsusemimaru leaves suddenly, claiming that he's "not their friend, and won't become one until Daigo proves to him he can be a suitable Lord." Utsusemimaru's real intentions become clear after Brave 11!

Notes- Shugokishi Kanburi Ma appears as motw again

Brave 11:
Title- Ucchi! Kuuru de gozaru (Uchhi! Cool I am)
Airs- 4/28/13


Notes- Honenukki appears as motw

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