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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kyoryu Silver Scans!!

From Henshin Justice:

Kyoryuger’s newest member on the team is KyoryuSilver! The 10th hero, the Flashing Brave!

KyoryuSilver will be transforming with an all new Gaburevolver, called the Giga Gaburevolver, with the 10th Bragigas Battery.  It is a lot stronger than the usual Gaburevolver, and for some reason it is also colored differently. Although, his identity will not be revealed until next month.
When he first appears, Chaos summons a new monster, Mad Torin, that looks nearly identical to Torin in order to get rid of the new hero.
Thanks to KyoryuSilver and his partner, Bragigas, the heroes can access newer robot combinations. Bragigas can turn into a robot by himself, the Gigant BragiOh. Gigant BragiOh has access to a very powerful axe, called Gigant BragiOh Axe. With the access, they can finish a monster with the Giga Brave Finish attack.
Bragigas is also the biggest Zyudenryu, turns out that the Spirit Base is inside Bragigas.

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