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Friday, November 22, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 39-42 Titles/Summaries

From Alpha Heroshock:

Brave 39: Full Power! The Kyoryu Power of Ten!
D will come back from hell under his full DeboMonster form and will take back at the Kyoryugers. Spinodai-Oh Western will appear to stop him.

Brave 40: Guttocool! The Old Man is Annoying!
Debo Kantoku, Canderrilla’s new Monster, will kidnap people and lock them up in another dimension where they are forced to fall in love. Doctor Ulshade seems to become KyoryuViolet once again for this episode (to be confirmed).

Brave 41: Yanasanta! Deboth's World War!
Debo Yanasanta, Dogold’s new Monster, will distribute presents containing Deboth’s cells all over the world. Many Monsters will created thanks to this and they will clone themselves even more.

Brave 42: Wonderful! A Virtuous Christmas!: TBA  

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