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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episodes 14 and 15 Summaries

From Henshin Justice:

Episode 14, 1/19, not yet named:
After somehow becoming obsessed and eating the strange fruit from another world, Hase changes into an Invess and rampages. Standing against Zangetsu, who tries to exterminate him on sight, Kouta tries to protect Hase. Hase, who’s lost his sense of self, takes the opportunity while Zangetsu is busy and escapes, going to attack his teammates.
Episode 15, 1/26, not yet named:
In the middle of trying to save Hase, Kouta and Kaito are brought into custody and taken to the Yggdrasil base, where they meet the developer of the Sengoku Driver, Sengoku Ryouma. They’re asked by Ryouma for their cooperation in developing an even stronger driver than before.

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