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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tokkyuger: Sixth Ranger Revealed! and More!

From Henshin Justice:

The identity of this Orange clad warrior still remains a mystery but we’re given our first glance at some of his arsenal. Tokkyu-6 transforms using the AppliChanger, a device similar in appearance to a Blackberry Smartphone. The Changer  has four functions or “apps”: of course, a Transformation function, a Call Build Ressha button, a Call Drill Ressha button, and finally a Phone button. Retails for 3500 yen. Tokkyu-6’s weapon of choice is called the Guidance Breaker and is capable of holding the both the Drill and Build Resshas currently scheduled for release April 1st and the suit itself will be represented in Vinyl form released on June 1st.

Speaking of Tokkyu-6’s personal Resshas, they’re themed after a Diesel, Tank, and carrier car. They can combine together to form a mighty machine known as Diesel-Oh or combine into Super Tokkyu-oh. In addition, Tokkyuoh’s new Ressha will be fire rescue and police themed. With the new Resshas coming out, this opens a number of possible combinations:
Tokkyuoh: 1-5
- 1-5 + 6
- 1-5 + 7
- Dieseloh: 6-8
- Super Tokkyuoh: 1-8

Police Ressha and Fire Ressha are coming out May 1st for 1500 yen.

Starting things off, we have two cars to represent Gobuster Ace of Tokkumei Sentai Gobusters and Gabutyra from Kyoryuger. But the surprise comes  from the news that Kamen Rider Den-O will be getting a Ressha representing the Den Liner! Of course, these Legend Resshas are fully compatible and combine to form their own Tokkyuoh formations but whether or not they will make appearances in the actual show or movie remains to be seen.
The Legend Ressha will be due out March 1st with the Kyoryu Ressha retailing for 1200 yen, Gobuster’s 1200 yen, and the Den-O Ressha retailing for 1500 yen.

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