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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gokaiger Episodes 43-45 Summaries

Episode 43: Becoming the Legendary Hero - 12/18
Marvelous is captured by the Zangyack and taken to be publicly executed. Not knowing whether the others are alive or dead, Doc goes to rescue Marvelous.

Episode 44: N/A - 12/25
Luka and Gai encounter the Zangyack leader Bibaboo while they're out shopping. Gai protects children from Bibaboo's attack and is turned into a doll.

Episode 45: N/A - 1/8
Out of the 34 great powers, the only one left to find is Kakuranger's. While Marvelous and his crew are searching for it, they encounter the Kakurangers' friend Ninjaman.

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