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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gokaiger Final Episode Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Episode 44:
Battle Fever J Legend Ep, BattleKenya/Akebono Shiro appears, Christmas Episode

Episode 45:
Kakuranger Legend Ep Part 1, Ninjaman and GashaDokuro appear

Episode 46:
Kakuranger Legend Ep Part 2, another Giji Seimeitai appears (One of Basco's Pseudo Lifeforms. If you're counting, that leaves 1)

Episode 47:
Decisive Battle with Basco, ChangeGryphon/Hayate Shou appears

Episode 48:
The Greatest Treasure in the Universe is revealed. AkaRed appears.

Episode 49:
All Super Sentai gather. Akaranger appears.

Episode 50:
Decisive Battle with Zangyack Emperor.

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  1. Well, I agreed with you. I thought that Ryousuke Sakamoto/Red One would come, but it won't happen. Quests 45 and 46: About the art of Ninja and the return of Gasha Dokuro (Rito Revolto of M.M.P.R. 3). Quest 47: Dengeki (Blitzkrieg) returns with General Shou Hayate, the Black Griffin. Never Stop, ChangeMan! Will the other villains come to aid Zangyack? Let's find out and Season's Greetings!