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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beet Buster's Identity Revealed?

From Jefusion:

In the preview for the 14th episode of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, we saw our first "live" glimpse of the two new warriors, BeetBuster and his Buddyroid, Beet J Stag. And now, information about their identities have been unveiled.

The identity of BeetBuster is Masato, a genius engineer and a senior whom Ryuji once admired. In Mission 15: “Gold Warrior and Silver Buddy,” something fell as Ryuji opens his locker. Hiromu and Yoko found a runner-up certificate from a contest. Ryuji tells the story behind it.

Apparently, there's no actor slated to play the character out of suit, and there are rumors that TOEI will keep them secret until the end of the show. Furthermore, there's this new element called "Black Phosphorus" that will be tackled in the coming episodes.

****EDIT**** This was posted on RangerBoard:
 -BeetBuster and Beet J Stag appear together. In Go-Busters style, the new warrior shows up with a new Buddyroid

-The two are very familiar with Kuroki, calling him Kuro-Rin. However, the two seem to have a large hidden agenda

****EDIT 2**** Hiroya Matsumoto is confirmed to play Masato, Beet Buster's human form. He previously played Tsubasa Ozu, Magi Yellow in Magiranger.

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