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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Kamen Rider Fourze Episode Summaries

From Jefusion:

With Capricorn down, next to debut is the Aquarius Zodiarts! New summaries for the upcoming Kamen rider Fourze episodes from Figure-oh No.172, which highlights Gentarou finally wearing the Amanogawa High School uniform.

The mock astronaut selection is held annually and has been coveted ever since. The said exam tests the qualities on becoming an astronaut. A special scholarship will be provided to successful candidates.

Erin Suda, played by Karen Takizawa, is a transferred student from the United States takes the test. She is almost perfect in any academic and sports activities like a true elite. Along with her, taking the exam is Yuta Sugiura, Kengo and Tomoko.

Gentarou finally meets the President Gamou, little he know that he is behind the string of Zodiart events that has transpired in the school. He is later seen wearing the school uniform that he failed to wear since he got transferred.

Is it something that was influenced by his meeting with the president, that even the Kamen Rider Club changes their ways?

Aquarius Zodiarts is a Horoscope that absorbs energy to revive, even how many attacks were given, she seems undefeated. This must be the Zodiarts’ chance to finally defeating Fourze, while he is struggling to find its weakness...

Emoto, the friend of Kengo's dad and Gamou, will appear again soon.

Kamen Rider Fourze will be on break on June 17th. Meanwhile, here is the episode titles for the succeeding episodes:

Episode 37: Selecting the Star Pupil - 05/27
Episode 38: Deciding on the Winner - 06/03
Episode 39: Law of the School - 06/10
Episode 40: Logical Sense of Information - 06/24

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