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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plans for Next Year

Fury Diamond of RangerCrew has a well detailed article about Saban's Plans for next year's series as well as the 20th Anniversary.

You can read it here:

Here's just an overview of what was talked about:

-Saban plans on having a campaign for the "Super Fans" (older fans). It will involve a re-doing of Power and make it more interactive.

-Saban Brands has also acquired the Saturday morning 4Kids block and plans to air 1-2 episodes of Power Rangers starting this fall! It will most likely and definitely be from MMPR-RPM and possibly Samurai/Super Samurai. This could also be the future home of Power Rangers in 2015 once the 2014 contract with Nick is up. And thank God, because airing only 20 episodes a year is just too cruel and would put us years behind of the Sentai if continued.

-Saban Brands and the Cast of Power Rangers Samurai will be at Comic-Con once again this year. They will also be promoting the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary, which will also include the first teaser for next year's Power Rangers Megaforce!

-Both Saban and the Samurai Cast will be at Power Morphicon this year! This is exciting news once again. The Megaforce teaser will also be shown there too.

-As mentioned before, Saban Brands plans on creating a website exclusively for the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary. It has been stated that the Anniversary will start as early as January 2013. It will include some surprises and giveaways.

-The Megaforce Rangers will appear in this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade, much like the Samurai Rangers did back in 2010, to promote the premiere.

-Power Rangers Megaforce will air in 2013 and 2014, consisting of 20 episodes with 2 specials each year.

- Lionsgate plans on releasing Samurai boxed sets later down the line. So that's good news!

-Gokaiger was not chosen because they simply cannot skip a Sentai series, just as some expected. We may see the Gokaigers in 2014 possibly or something that has to do with them.

Please read the full article for more details as to what will be happening over the next year:

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