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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gokaiger Rumors and Episode Descriptions

From Jefusion:

"We all knew that Basco ta Jolokia betrayed AkaRed's Red Pirate Gang. But aside from the Ranger Keys, what is his real motive? Here's a current Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger rumor regarding that:

  • Basco’s betrayal was planned by AkaRed. He gave him a secret mission but to perfectly fulfill it, he had to betray the Red Pirates.
  • AkaRed and Navi are still in the secret. Basco should join the Gokaigers sooner or later.
  • In addition, it seems that Gai dies at the end of the series."
Episode Descriptions:

Episode 32:
The focus is split two ways, but the main focus is on Don and his creation of the GalleonBuster.

Episode 33:
Dairanger tribute episode. Tenkasei Ryou/former Ryuuranger appears!

Episode 34:
Luka's backstory episode.

Episode 35:
Go-onger tribute episode (possibly 1 of 2). Sosuke/former Go-onRed appears, MachFalcon appears. Hirata Hiroaki will voice the new Enjin. (Sanji from One Piece. Yeah, it's all coming full circle).


  1. I'm sorry, but I don't really buy Basco being an upcoming Gokaiger. I seriously hope that doesn't happen.

  2. They're making Basco a Judas Iscariot, and AkaRed Jesus Christ?

    I... don't know, man. Where did you get these? Not sure if this is agreeable. Last we had the rumor of Mega Red appearing soon, but he didn't.