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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 32-36 Summaries

From RangerBoard:

Episode 32:
Title- Chikara wo Hitotsu ni (Combine Our Powers)
Airs- 10/02/11

Gai and the others were injured by the true form of Basco. Hakase decides to create a new weapon, borrowing everyone else's weapons in the proccess. He continues development on the weapon, but it is only ending in failure.

Furtheremore, the Action Commander Shieldon, who can repel any attack with his shield, appears. Although this only causes Hakase to worry more, he gets a hint from the words of Gai and Goro Hoshino, and is able to complete the GalleonBuster at last!

Episode 33:
Title- Hero Daaaa! (I'm a hero!)
Airs- 10/09/11

Gai's GokaiCellular is swallowed by the new Action Commander, Zakyura. Gai can neither transform, or fight...

The worrying Gai runs into a Delivery Man from a Chinese Restaurant. He turns out to be none other than the former Ryuuranger, Tenkasei Ryou!

Episode 34:
Title- Yume wo Kanaete (Dream Comes True)
Airs- 10/16/11

A Space Businessman (and rich person) appears before Luka. He turns out to be Luka's childhood friend, Kain.


-Action Commander Vannain appears as the villain this episode

-Luka's childhood friend, Kain, will be played by Kimisawa Yuki, aka, Kirihiko/Nazca Dopant

-The title is an obvious nod to Dynaman, so maybe they'll stick in the use of that power here

Episode 35:
Title- Jigen no Mukou (The Dimension on the Other Side)
Airs- 10/23/11

The Gaiark officer, Chirakashizuki appears.

Episode 36:
Title- Aibou Kaizoku (Partner Pirate)
Airs- 10/30/11

In front of the Gokaiger appeared a mysterious robot, whose name was Bonper! Former Go-OnRed, Esumi Sosuke, appears.

The Gokaiger end up taking on Chirakashizuki and another Gaiark officer, Babaachuudo, to stop their attack on the Gunman World. However, the Gokaiger fall into a Gaiark trap! There hope lies in....Enjin MachFalcon!

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