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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie War MEGAMAX Scans

The Kamen Rider Fourze section has a culture festival at Amanogawa High. The Kamen Rider Club uses the theme of “So what are those urban legend Kamen Riders anyway?” for their presentation. Their costumes, made of cardboard and slippers, have such a homemade feeling!

It is to teach the other students about how Riders protect peace in an effort to prevent the Zodiarts Switches from being spread further, but....

The 3 main Riders' stories intertwine in the Movie War section. Together with the seven legendary Riders, they oppose Foundation X's plans. Gentaro, Eiji, Shotaro and Philip also have a scene together. Philip says, "Gentaro and Shotaro, you guys are pretty similar." Adult fans should take notice of this overly-honest comment. 

The connection between Mitsuaki Gamou, Amanogawa High School chairman, and Foundation X becomes clear. Foundation X's Remu Kannagi is also a super mutant Mutamit, but he still plots to gain more power.

President Kougami of Kougami Foundation is still doing his own thing 40 years in the future. He was just trying to make new Core Medals.... The Poseidon Driver he holds causes mayhem and tragedy.

Sadondas is one of the mutants researched by Foundation X. One of the super-beings called "Mutamit" caused to mutate and evolve, it has pointy horns that it uses to attack. It also has a flight form. 

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