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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Fourze Episode Descriptions

From RangerBoard:

Episode 10: Clash in the Moonlight - 11/13
Tomoko is participating in the witches' ritual called "Farewell to this Planet" to become the Lunar Witch. And it is there where Gentaro found her...

Episode 11: N/A - 11/20
The locker used by the Kamen Rider Club as a transportation device to travel to Rabbit Hutch on the Moon has been salvaged as trash, and now Kengo is alone on the Moon!?

Episode 12: N/A - 11/27
Yuki wants to meet the original astronaut from NASA, who is also Amanogawa High School's principal, Mitsuaki Gabou, the Red-Eyed Man.

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