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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Go-Buster Villain Info

From RangerBoard:

According to rumor from 2ch, the villain group, Vaagrus, is composed of the following:

Master Delete- the commander of Vaagrus. A hologram in the form of a "digustingly cute" insect's head.

Sentouin Nanosoldier- The apparent minions for this year. As shown in the promo, purple/silver, and very Hakaider-esque.

Toshin Daikaijin MegaFighter- The apparent monsters for this year. Listed currently are β-1 and Ⅹ-10 (Beta-1 and Chi-10)

Kyodai Heiki GigaMonster- The apparent giant-sized machinations for this year. Seems we'll be getting something Dekaranger-esque. Separate giant monsters. Listed currently is BlackΣ (Black Sigma)

Enter- humanoid warrior. Looks like George Makabe from Janperson.

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