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Friday, January 6, 2012

Gokaiger Episode Rumors/ Super Hero War Movie Rumors

From RangerBoard:

episode 46: Hero eligibility (January 15)
script: Junko Komura
directed by Taro Sakamoto
Marvelous and his crew rescued Ninjaman by freeing him from the pot in the shrine. In order to obtain the final great power, they try various things, but it doesn't work, since Ninjaman will only observe them until he comes to trust Marvelous.
Ninjaman observes Marvelous and his crew closely 24 hours a day. Unable to stand it any longer, he points out how bad their lifestyle is, and says he will retrain them. The Gokaigers imagine his special training and tremble with fear. After this, the only ones to report to Ninjaman are Doc, Ahim and Gai. The other 3 seem to have run away.

episode 47: The result of betrayal (January 22)
script: Naruhisa Arakawa
directed by Katsuya Watanabe
Out of the 34 great powers, Marvelous and his crew have 29. They try to come up with a plan to get the other 5 from Basco. At the very least they have to find out where Basco is. Basco's ship, the Free Joker, doesn't show up on radar and is hard to find visually.
Therefore Marvelous boldly decides to try calling Basco on the phone.

episode 48: Showdown of destiny (January 29)
script: Naruhisa Arakawa
directed by Katsuya Watanabe
Basco plans to attack the Gokaigers in a heartless way. He also plans to make their Ranger Keys his own.
On the other hand, Marvelous and his crew had no choice but to leave the Galleon. They reaffirm their dream to obtain the greatest treasure in space, and come together to oppose Basco.

Title: Kamen Rider X Super Sentai Cross Generation

Director- Kaneda Osamu

Main Writer- Yonemura Shouji

Collaborative Writers- Kobayashi Yasuko, Oragawa Naruhisa, Sanjou Riku

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