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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Hero War Movie Rumors

From RangerBoard:

-Decade, concentrating on only his travels, had completed the fusion of worlds.

-Decade is told by Wataru to enter "The World of Fourze", leading the members of the Kamen Rider Club to transform into the Gokaiger

-Marvelous leads the Gokaiger into changing into the different Fourze States and Meteor

-During the fight, Kotaro/New Den-O appears to stop the fight. To return Gokaiger and Fourze to their original states of being, Kotaro must travel to the past!

-Kenzaki/Blade, Hongo/Ichigo, and Gackt (possibly as Riderman) will appear

-The alumni appearing for Sentai are said to be "amazing".

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