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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go-Busters Episodes 28-32 Summaries

From RangerBoard:


-According to Masato, all Enetron stored in Hyperspace is taken by the Vagrass. Due to Messiah's evolution, and now physical form, it needs Enetron to survive.

-Furthermore, the Go-Busters recieve communication from Hyperspace! Kuroki responds by giving the Busters an unprecedented special mission, "Go to Hyperspace, and Shutdown Messiah!". What is the truth about Hyperspace that Masato refuses to divulge? Are Hiromu and Yoko's parents still alive? Many mysteries are afoot, and it seems the final battle is at hand...

-Enter and Escape, 2 beings created by Messiah, find it impossible to contact him in his new evolved form. Enter has some idea why...

Title- Niwatori ni Chuuiseyo! (Beware of Chickens!)
Airs- 9/2/2012

Hiromu's sister Rika comes to Tokyo in order to attend a party thrown in celebration of her picture book's award. However....the new monster, SprayRoid 2, has the ability to disguise itself as others! Taking the guise of Rika, SprayRoid 2 approaches Nick, who lets slip Hiromu's weakness, and that information finds its' way to Enter, who is having more trouble with Escape...

Note- Go-Busters' second opening (Morphin'! Movin'! Bustersship!) will debut in this episode

Title- Akuukan he no Totsunyuu (Breaking into Hyperspace)
Airs- 9/9/2012

It becomes clear that, somehow, Hiromu and Yoko's parents are alive inside Hyperspace. The Go-Busters head there to Shutdown Messiah, once and for all! (Messiah's new form, MessiahCell, will debut in this episode, as well as having "Reproduction Metaroids" which I take to mean all the former villains coming back again to fight the Busters.)

Title- Messiah Shutdown
Airs- 9/16/2012
Summary- N/A

MessiahCell, Reproduction Metaroids, and Megazord Epsilon appear

Title- Uchuu Keiji Gavan Arawaru (Space Sheriff Gavan Appears - Temp Title-)
Airs- 9/23/2012

The Go-Busters discover a strange energy reaction, and when they go to investigate they end up helping a woman named Shelly against the RhinoDoubler. From her, the Go-Busters learn of Uchuu Keiji Gavan, and his enemy, Uchuu Hanzai Soshiki Makuu. Furthermore, Metaroids appear, and Hiromu and Gavan (Juumonji Geki) clash. Shelly and Yoko however...

Title- N/A
Airs- 9/30/2012
Summary- N/A

RhinoDoubler acts the villain once again, and has a grown form, Kyodai RhinoDoubler.