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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Enemies Revealed

From Jefusion:

 The currently revealed Phantoms are Medusa and Phoenix. Phoenix is the leader of the Phantoms. In the human world, he takes the identity of Yuugo. He is the strongest of all the villains, and has the ability to regenerate after being hurt in battle.

 Meanwhile, Medusa is the female leader of the Phantoms. In the human world, she takes the identity of Misa. She has the ability to see into human hearts and recognize who might serve as a source of energy for the Apparitions.

The second image above features the Hell-Hound and Minotaurus, the first two Apparitions that Kamen Rider Wizard will face. A Phantom was born through the "Gate" from the human despair, starting from the spirit world then devour the host and making appearance to the reality world. After that they copy the host's appearance.

Kamen Rider Wizard premieres this September 2nd.

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