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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Toys

 DX WizarDriver
Price: ¥6500
Release: September 2012
The belt shouts, “Shyahadobi, touch heeeenshiiin!” when he transforms and “Patch Magic Touch Go!” when using certain abilities. Wizard’s rider kick, apparently called a ‘Kick Strike’. It comes with Flame Ring for Flame Style, Water Ring for Water Style, and the Grow Ability Ring.
DX Ring Chain (until the official name comes out)
Price: ¥1800
Release: September 2012
Holds up to five rings, comes with a unknown Ability Ring.
WizarDrive/Ring Chain Set
Price: TBD (Looks like ¥8300)
Release: September 2012
A set that contains WizarDriver, Ring Chain, Flame and Water Style Keys, the Grow Ability Ring, and a unknown Ability Ring.

 DX WizarSwordGun
Price: TBD
Release: September 2012
DX WizarSwordGun, Kamen Rider Wizard's main weapon. It can be used both as a sword and a gun. It comes with Hurricane Ring for Hurricane Styles, and Land Ring for Land Style. The gun mode finisher causes the device to say “Kyamono Shooting Shake Hands!” and in sword mode the device says, “Kyamono Slash Shake Hands!”.

 DX WizarDragon and Machine Winger
Price: ¥4500
Release: November 2012
The bike and dragon can be combine to form Winger Wizardragon and can transform into Hissatsu Kick! Comes with WizarDragon Ability Ring.

Kamen Rider Wizard Wizard Action Please! (WAP) Figures
Price: ¥2500 each
Release: September (Flame Style) November (Water Style) December (Hurricane and Land Styles) 2012
Light up Action Figures, Flame and Land Style comes with WizarGun, Water and Hurricane Style come with WizarSword.

 PlaMonsters Series
Price: ¥2500 each
Release: September (01), October (02), and November (03) 2012
Acts as Kamen Rider Wizard's helper creatures, Red Garuda (01), Blue Unicorn (02), and Yellow Kraken (03). Transforms into both Card Form and Creature Form. Comes with one Ability Ring.

 Wizard Ring Sets
Price: ¥TBD (Guessing ¥900 each)
Release: TBD
DX Flame Dragon Wizard Ring Set, DX Hurricane Dragon Wizard Ring Set, and DX Water Dragon Wizard Ring Set all have their respective Powered-Up form, and one Ability Ring.
DX Wizard Ring Set 01, Set 02, and Set 03 all have two Ability Rings.
Also seen is the Flame Style's Powered-Up form.

 Rider Hero Series (RHS) Sofubi Figures
Release: TBD
Price: ¥900
Shows the first four Wizard Styles, as well as the first three Power-Up Systems: Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Drago System, Hurricane Drago System, and Water Drago System.

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