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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Kamen Rider Wizard Pics

From Henshin Justice:

When using the Flame Dragon Ring, Wizard transforms from Flame Style to Flame Dragon. With the ring, Wizard brings out the power of his inner Phantom, the WizarDragon, and uses its power. Flame Dragon is much stronger with immense and amazing power.

In conjunction with the new form, here comes the Special Ring. When used the head of the WizarDragon will appear on Wizard’s chest and he can fire high-intensity flames, acting like a cannon.

The Drill Ring allows Wizard to spin at high speeds and attack the Phantoms. Here the Land Style is seen to use the Drill Ring fighting a new Phantom, Gnome.

The Extend Ring allows Wizard’s left hand to stretch and bend at will with ease, reaching far distance objects, such as saving Shunpei from the Ghouls. As seen in Episode 3, the Please Ring transfers magical power from one person to another, Koyomi relies on this to keeping herself ‘alive’. The Smell Ring, like it’s name suggests, releases a horrible odor.

The mysterious White Wizard, who was revealed to be the person giving Haruto the WizarDriver. Just who is he? Is he on Haruto’s side or is he evil and has other intentions? Currently the real identity of the White Wizard is unknown.

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