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Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Kyoryuger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Quoted by dukemon22:

"After searching a couple of websites, I found some interesting theories about Kyoryuuger from Japanese sites. WARNING- THESE ARE NOT RUMORS, FACTS, OR OTHERWISE. They are just things people have noticed, and are not confirmed in any way:

-Red could have a Pteranodon motif

Why? Different fans have discussed the motif of Red this year being a Pteranodon. OOO's medals were extremely popular, and Putotyranno seems to have been especially popular. In that combo, we have Pteranodon as the head.

My take- I think this is a pretty logical theory. Pteranodon is going to be included in the lineup somewhere, and red is a fitting place for it. If Red isn't going to be T-Rex, he needs to be something that still has the clout of one. Also, even though the Pteranodon has exclusively gone to female rangers, we did have both TopGaler and the RhamphoGolds in Abaranger; both other species of flying reptile related to Pteranodon.

-The origin of the title, "Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuuger"

Take "Kyoryuu Sentai Jyuranger", flip the words around and you get "Jyuren Sentai Kyoryuuger". Just change out the "r" for a "d" and there's your title. How did I miss that lol.

-Henshin Device might be a Smartphone afterall

From the same poster who talked about the title's origin. As previously reported "Jyuden" can be a play on "Juuden" or Charge. The original poster thinks this might indicate the henshin device having to charge after use; i.e. being some sort of new tech device, like a smart phone. Given the evolution of Sentai Henshin Devices over the years, it would only make sense. The "popular item" of the day was used to transform. We went from watches, to braces, to phones, and the next step would be a smart phone, or tablet like device."

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