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Friday, September 28, 2012

New Go-Busters Episode Summaries

From RangerBoard:

The Go-Busters had ventured into Hyperspace, and thought they defeated their enemies, the Vagrass, but it seems they were wrong. Enter, Escape, and possibly even Messiah still function. Just before the Busters defeated Messiah, Enter made a back up of his data. It seems Messiah planned his own destruction, to gather data on those who would be able to defeat him. In short, he needs data on human kind, to start his plans to erode the Earth...

Mission 33:
Title- Morphin'! Powered Custom
Airs- 10/7/12

Enter, who had not been destroyed, develops the "Earth Erosion Strategy" for Messiah's purposes. The Metaroids and Megazords have now gained a power up with this new plan from Messiah, and the Go-Busters unleash their own power up to counter them- becoming the Go-Busters Powered Custom.

Note- SunadokeRoid (HourglassRoid) will be the Metaroid for this episode. His Zord will not appear until the next ep.

Mission 34:
Title- Teki wa BeetBuster?! (BeetBuster is the Enemy?!)
Airs- 10/14/12

Although their battle in Hyperspace is still fresh in memory, Hiromu and Masato once again have a serious clash! Why are these two really fighting each other?

Note- PuppetRoid will be the Metaroid for this episode (meaning that Hiromu and Masato are being puppeted.) PuppetZord and SunadokeZord will also appear.

Mission 35:
Title- TategamiRaiOh, Hoeru! (TategamiRaiOh, Roar!)
Airs- 10/21/12

A new mecha, TategamiRaiOh (voiced by Ichiro Mizuki) appears in front of our heroes and says, simply, that he wants to challenge the Go-Busters to a fight!

The Go-Busters investigate the new bot, and end up finding the daughter of one Professor Hazuki Saburo, Hazuki Mika (played by Oho Sayoko). All Mika has to say is that "My father made TategamiRaiOh in order to defeat you!".

Notes- It would seem RaiOh is a rival mecha to the Busters' Machines. Also, Megazord Epsilon will once again be appearing in the ep.

Mission 36:
Title- Go-BusterRaiOh Gakiin! (Gakiin has no really english meaning, it's an onomatopoeia for something shining or glistening.)
Airs- 10/28/12

The Buddyroids go on strike, in request of better treatment. This puts the use of Powered Custom in jeopardy, as it requires the Go-Busters and Buddyroids to synchronize. What will the Go-Busters do?!

Notes- As the title suggests, this episode will feature Go-BusterRaiOh's first appearence. BulldozerRoid and BulldozerZord will appear as the enemies.

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