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Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Kyoryuger Toy Pics

From Toku Insider:

The mecha partners this year are dino mechs known as "JyuDenRyu." (Lit. Beast Electricity Dragons.) When a ranger throws their partner's battery into it's mouth, the JyuDenRyu activates. (GabuTyra's feathers raise; Stegocchi has a giant spike raise from his back; Dorikera tails extends/possibly moves; Zactor's tail separates into a 3-toed-claw; Parasagan's tail opens to reveal a gun; Ankydon's back flips out creating a long hammer-tail weapon.)

The JyuDenRyu can perform "Kamitsuki Gattai" (Biting Union) to form Kyouryujin, in it's many forms. The JyuDenChi utilize a host of different sound are extremely play-worthy. Warning: There is likely a lot more mecha to come!

The Kyouryuger's sword- GaburiCaliber. It comes with JyuDenChi 15 (Allomeras). Allomeras is an Allosaurus- no word on if it will get a mecha form, or remain a battery. Both the GabuRevolver and GaburiCaliber can combine into the Gaburu Cannon. A Gaburur Cannon DX Set will be sold; including all 3 Batteries for the 2 weapons.

The GabuRevolver, the Kyouryuger's henshin device and gun weapon. The toy comes with another JyuDenChi 01 (GabuTyra) and JyuDenChi 14 (Stymero). Stymero is a Styracosaurus- no word on if it will see a mecha form, or just act as a battery.

The Kyouryuger, a strong group of 5 dinosaur based heroes who fight with a samba flare! The Kyouryuger transform and power their arsenal with "JyuDenChi" (Beast Batteries.) To "Kyouryu Change!" into Kyouryuger, one merely needs to place his personal JyuDenChi into the GabuRevolver; a dinosaur-esque gun. Besides the Revolver, the Kyouryuger also have use of the  GaburiCaliber, a sword weapon. 2 batteries can be placed in the Revolver to form a finishing move; same goes for the Caliber.

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