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Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Kamen Rider Wizard Pics feat. Beast!

From Alpha Heroshock:

New Rings for our magician hero !
His Land Dragon form will allow him to use Wizardragon’s claws thanks to the Special Ring and gravity thanks to the Gravity Ring.
The Excite Ring will allow him to become ultra muscular to destroy everything on his way. The new Phantoms are Manticore and Hydra.
Tasuku Nagase will play Kosuke Nito, the beasty magician. His Rings are :
Beast Ring : Transforms into Kamen Rider Beast.
Driver On Ring : Summon his Driver.
Falco Ring : Summons the Falco Manteau, his falcon cape that allows him to fly.
Dolphi Ring : Summons the Dolphi Manteau, his dolphin cape that allows him to control water.
Buffa Ring : Summons the Buffa Manteau, his buffalo cape that allows him to strike harder.
Chameleo Ring : Summons the Chameleo Manteau, his chameleon cape that turns him invisible.
Gryphon Ring : Summon the Gryphon Plamonster.
Engage Ring : Allows Beast to enter one’s Underworld.
Chimerise Ring : Summons Beast Chimera.

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