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Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Go-Busters Pics

From Toku Insider:

The 13th MessiahCard seems to have been saved for Hiromu. What will happen to RedBuster?!

Enter wants to evolve into Messiah. His plans involve resurrecting Escape, and creating the KuwagataRoid, the first Organic Metaroid.

An episode list for the January episodes:
Mission 45 (1/6/2013)- Kinga Shinnen! Chisana Kyouteki (Happy New Year! A Small-Formiddable Enemy Reappears.)

Mission 46 (1/13/2013)- Aratana Yuukou to Netsubousou! (A new Fusion and Overheating!)

Mission 47 (1/20/2013- Risetto to Bakkuappu (Reset and Backup)

Mission 48 (1/27/2013)- Title Unknown

A shot explaining how Go-BusterKing was not enough to fight Messiah Reboot, so the Busters used Buster Beet to launch Go-BusterRaiOh at him, allowing for them to zero in on his core and destroy him.

Enter, Escape and Enter's new Organic Metaroid, KuwagataRoid. J doesn't seem to be fighting him at all....making one wonder if J is sitting this one out because he would consider the bot "a friend."

The OmochiRoid (Rice Cake Roid) will serve as the enemy in the New Year's episode. The OmochiRoid is noted as looking suspiciously like the KesugomuRoid (EraserRoid) which the rangers' previously beat.

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