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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kyoryuger Upcoming Episode Summaries

One of the JuuDai ZyuDenRyu (10 Great Beast Electric Dragons), and ZyuDenRyu Partner of KyouryuCyan. An Ankylosaurus given a mechanical body, it has a powerful hammer tail attack. For some reason it is not able to hear KyouryuCyan...

A special union formed by Gabutyra, Dricera and Ankydon. When formed, the call is "Muki Muki" and the accompanying music is that of "Southern Countries." Delivering powerful blows to enemies with it's right hammer arm, it is truly a "Muki Muki Macho" (Muscular Mucho) Combination.

Played by Robert Baldwin. A fighter whose nickname is the Hagane no Yuusha (Brave of Steel.) A veteran warrior who seemingly fought alongside Torin against the Deivoss Army at one point, the Kyouryuger request his help with Ankydon.


Brave 3:
Title- Areruze! Zangeki no Brave
Airs- 3/3/13

Deivo RouyaRouya appears.

Brave 4:
Title- Uchinuke!! Yuuki no Gaburivolver (Strike! The Gaburivolver of Courage)
Airs- 3/10/13

Deivo Dronbos appears.

Brave 5:
Title- Dogoun! Mutsuba no Ankydon (Boom! Ankydon the 6th)
Airs- 3/17/13

Ramirez, a man who likes like a warrior from Medieval Europe, appears before the Kyouryuger. Amy notices that behind Ramirez' comical mask, he is hiding something. Deivo Bateitsue appears.

Note- Mutsuba also means "Cavity", not sure if they're using a pun here.

Brave 6:
Title- Stop! Utau Candylila (Stop! Candylila Sings)
Airs- 3/24/13

Candylila develops an unprecedented strategy to give humans joy. Deivo Uilsun appears.

Brave 7:
Title- Ikare! Daigo no Dai Pinchi (Get Angry! Daigo's Big Pinch)
Airs- 3/24/13

Deivo Yakigonte appears.

Note- Ca3Blog lists both 6 and 7 as airing on the 24th. That's probably a mistake, but let's see.

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