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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Kyoryuger Episode Titles

Brave 6:
Title- Stoppu! Utau Candylila (Stop! Sing Candylila)
Airs- 3/24/13

Controlled by a Deivo Monster, ZyuDenRyu Ankydon has disappeared! Amy and the Brave of Steel, Ramirez set out to find him...

Brave 7:
Airs- 3/31/13
Title- Ikare! Daigo no DaiPinchi (Get Angry! Daigo's Big Pinch)

Deivo Yakigonte, a monster with the ability to take on appearences, appears and begins to confuse people. While Ian and the others fight the monster, Daigo returns to the Southern Islands, where he had left something behind. There, he encounters a formidable enemy!

Brave 8:
Title- Koko doko? Meiru wo Buttobase (Where are we? Break through the Labyrinth)
Airs- 4/7/13
Summary- N/A

Brave 9:
Title- Meccha tsuyo! PteraiDenOh! (Crazy Strong! PteraiDenOh)
Airs- 4/14/13
Summary- N/A

Brave 10:
Title- Zander! Gorudo Fukkatsu (Zander! Gold Revives)
Airs- 4/21/13
Summary- N/A

Brave 11:
Title- Ucchii! Kuuru de gozaru (Ucchii! I am Cool)

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