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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Power Rangers Super Megaforce MEGA News Part 2

Now is the time to reveal what the fans have been waiting for, for almost 2 years. The big question on how the Gokaiger suits will finally be answered, but first, here is what Fury Diamond of Ranger Crew posted about Super Megaforce since last year:

This is what we know of Super Megaforce (confirmed by my sources):
1. Goseiger Suits are the primary suits for Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce.
2. Super Megaforce will feature Gokaiger Suits, Footage, and Content (Zords, Weapons..etc).  There is no confirmation on the actual usage.
3. Super Megaforce will concentrate on Gokaiger footage over Goseiger footage
4. Super Megaforce will have a Silver Ranger.  There is no confirmation on whether this is Gokai Silver or an original Ranger. Based on Gokaiger footage usage, we will most likely see Gokai Silver.
5. Ranger Keys will be used in Super Megaforce. There is no confirmation on the usage.  Gokai Silver and/or the Gokai Suits will probably use the keys to match footage.

Last night, he revealed how the Gokaiger Suits were going to be used in the next season. PLEASE READ ON IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT OTHERWISE TURN BACK NOW:

From Ranger Crew:

The Gokaiger Suits will be used as a power up in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The teenagers will use the Gosei Morpher to transform into the Megaforce Power Rangers (Gosei Suits). The Rangers will have the ability to transform to the Gokaiger Suits, which will act as the "Super Mode" (not confirmed name). This mode will allow the Rangers to transform into the Past Rangers form to match the Gokaiger footage. The Black Ranger will upgrade to Green Gokai Suit.

Troy -> (It's Morphin Time, Go Go Megaforce) -> Megaforce Red Ranger -> (unknown means of transformation) -> Pirate Suit -> (unknown means of transformation / possibly Ranger Keys) -> Past Rangers

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