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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Go-Busters Pics

From Toku Insider:

Messiah's back with a new form. Combining Megazord Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Zeta (a newbie) with an Enetron Tank and Messiah's essence, the Vagrass unleash Messiah Reboot on our heroes!!

An All-Robot Sortie!

Pink Buster, is the transformed identity of the mysterious Phantom-Thief, Reika! Nikku joins Hiromu in the cockpit of Go-BusterRaiOh, as it and BusterBeet team up against Messiah Reboot.

Some comparisons between Go-Busters' techniques and past Senshi, utilizing Speed, Strength, and Leg power

More comparisons, this time with Robos.

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