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Monday, November 26, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Water Dragon Style and Wiseman Revealed!

From Jefusion:

The above image shows the battle between Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Dragon and the Phantom, Medusa. This was seen in next week's episode preview. Furthermore, the man the call "Wiseman" finally makes his appearance. What's his real identity and motive?

Also featured in the image is the Poitrine donuts, the Cerberus PlaMonster, and the "Merry Christmas" Wizard Ring.

Kamen Rider Wizard Water Dragon can be utilized by the "Water Dragon" Ring (of course). He also acquires a new ring called "Blizzard Ring", which can freeze water.

And similar to Flame and Hurricane Dragon, who both have a "Special Ring" summoning the head and wings of WizarDragon respectively, Wizard Water Dragon also have its own. This time, he's able to summon the WizarDragon's tail, which could split the water in half!

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