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Monday, November 26, 2012

New Movie War Ultimatum Pics

From Jefusion:

Here's another look at the eight Kamen Riders lining up to defeat the Great Monster Army.

Monster Alliance member Jiro Kazeda, is Sannagiman. By shouting "Summon Ultimate Power", he is able to transform into Inazuman. In the image above, he is seen fighting against the Hercules Zodiart, using his fishing blow, the “ Psychokinetic Chop”!

By using the OOO, W, Accel, and Birth Wizard Rings, Kamen Rider Wizard was able to summon the previous Kamen Riders to aid him in battle. Also seen in the image is a shot of Paltrine, who's real identity is Yu Uemura. She uses a pendant to transform by shouting, “Cosmo Magic Metamorphose!” 
Appearing during this year's Kamen Rider team-up film, “Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie Wars ULTIMATUM” is a new Fourze states, called Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States. It's currently the candidate for the Kamen Rider that have a longest name!

Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States can be utilized with the "Nadeshiko (N) Switch" and the "Meteor Fusion Switch". It is equipped with double silver rocket modules and the Hovering Lifter, gliders similar to the ones used in skiing. In this state, he have the powers of both Meteor and Nadeshiko, and can also shoot missiles from his arms.

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