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Friday, November 30, 2012

More Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Info

From RangerBoard:

Thanks to ca3 for the info:

Writer- Shimoyama Kento
Director- Shibasaki Takayuki


Suzuki Katsuhiro as Sakurada Hiromu/RedBuster
Baba Ryouma as Iwasaki Ryuji/BlueBuster
Komiya Arisa as Usami Yoko/YellowBuster
Matsumoto Hiroya as Jin Masato/BeetBuster

Ozawa Ryouta as Captain Marvelous/GokaiRed
Yamada Yuuki as Joe Gibken/GokaiBlue
Ichimichi Mao as Luka Millfy/GokaiYellow
Shimizu Kazuki as Don Dogoier/GokaiGreen
Koike Yui as Aihm de Famille/GokaiPink
Ikeda Junya as Ikari Gai/GokaiSilver

Fujiwara Keiji as Chida Nick (Voice)
Genda Tesshou as Gorisaki Banana (Voice)
Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Usada Lettuce (Voice)
Nakamura Yuuchi as Beet J. Stag/StagBuster (Voice) and Waredonaiyer (Voice)
Tamura Yukari as Navi (Voice)

Natsui Runa as Shiba Kaoru
Takahiro Sakurai as Jerashitto (Voice)

Jinnai Shou as Enter
Misaki Ayame as Escape

Hashi Takaya as Bacchus Gil (voice)

Nishihira Fuuka as Nakamura Miho
Takahashi Naoto as Morishita Toru
Sakaki Hideo as Kuroki Takeshi


The nephew of Wals Gil, who declared himself the New Commander of Zangyack. Like his namesake, he is a heavy drinker and has a lively personality. Cooperating with the Vagrass, he hopes to use the Phantom Ranger Keys to revive the Zangyack Empire.

An Action Commander who is a remnant of Zangyack. There is a striking resemblance between him and Deretsueiger who the Gokaiger had already defeated (both in appearance and voice.) It seems they are related by blood.

A former Action Commander who once fought the Gokaiger, but was reformed and decided to live peacefully on Earth. Why is he in the Edo Period?

The 18th-and-former head of the Shiba Clan, and also the true ShinkenRed. She appears before the TokumeiBu and presents them with a scroll and its' writings. What is on this scroll?!

A former enemy whom Marvelous most certainly defeated. It seems he has been brought back somehow by the power of Enter...

Like Basco, another Gokaiger villain (the strongest of Zangyack's warriors in fact) who has been revived.

A personal Megazord for Enter that is the "best-of-the best." It's fighting power far surpasses any Megazord that has come before.


The remnants of Zangyack and Enter set their aims on the "Gen no Ranger Keys (Phantom Ranger Keys.) When all 5 are gathered, they grant the mightiest power in the universe. The Final Key rests on Earth.

Zangyack, Enter, and the Gokaiger, who are for some reason acting alongside Zangyack, discover the Key near an Enetron Tank. However, the Go-Busters are called into action to protect the Enetron there, and a fight ensues. Then, the resonating of the 5 keys and the Enetron causes an explosion!

The Phantom Ranger Keys run wild and distort space and time! Yoko, Gorisaki, J, Joe, Luka, Hakase, Aihm and Gai are pulled into the time-space distortion!

Yoko, J, and Gai are dropped in 1772, Edo Period, Japan. J and Gai have an idea to return to the present. Gorisaki seems to have been flown to the Cretaceous Period (hmmm...interesting no?), and somehow, Jerashitto ends up joing our heroes in the Edo period!

Hakase and Aihm are dropped in France, circa 1600. They adapt the guise of Nobleman and Princess (guess that ain't exactly a guise for Aihm though) and come face to face with a Phantom Thief! The Thief seems to be none other than Jin Masato....

Joe, Luka and Ryuji are dropped in the Mediterranean, circa 1400, otherwise known as the Age of Exploration.

The Phantom Keys are also deposited throughout time alongside our heroes, and battles ensue between them and the Zangyack over the keys!

In the present, the people left out of the time-jumping use the time-travelling GozyuDrill's program to upgrade the BusterMachines via the Buddyroids' Vaccine Programs. This gives the Buster Machines the ability to time travel and rescue the friends who have been deposited throughout time! As their friends and allies are saved, the true reason behind the Gokaiger's alliance with Zangyack is revealed!

However, for this Rescue Plan to work, a big sacrifice is required of the Go-Busters. The Go-Busters give into grief, as the Gokaiger look on...

Meanwhile, Zangyack and Enter aren't just waiting around to attack the Earth. The greatest battle these two Sentai teams have ever faced begins now!

Also, what power does holding all 5 Phantom Keys grant to their user?!

NOTES- While it doesn't say it clearly, I have to assume that Gorisaki's appearence in the Cretaceous period is no random accident. More than likely, that's when the Kyoryuuger will show themselves, helping Gorisaki grab the Phantom Key from that time period.

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